Transformational Partnership

A spiritual healer, teacher and conscious channel, Peter utilizes close collaboration with those drawn to his guidance facilitating heart centered empowerment by integral enlightenment. Peter helps each individual reach their center through discovery of their true spiritual self by understanding the journey that led them to who they are today.  His intuitive messages bring clarity to those he works with aiding them in their own mastery of manifesting the life they uniquely desire.

Peter offers private client partnerships only to those who are committed to their own growth, success and self-awareness.

One Time Session - $200

3 Session Package - $500 - You Save $100
Sessions are 60-90 minutes on phone/WebCam

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Are you ready to commit to yourself consistently?
If so Transformational Coaching is for you…keep reading

Transformational Coaching

Are you ready to take your life to the next level of Conscious Creation? Are you ready for the information and guidance you've been seeking? Peter Offers direct guidance customized to where you are on your unique path through life. He comes from a place of non-judgment and Love for All. Through his practiced talents of channeling the higher realms of consciousness, Peter brings to you the power and breadth of what is possible through the integration of coaching, psychic channeling, and energy work.

Each session is individualized to your needs in the moment.


  • Intuitive Coaching

  • Conscious Channeling if Desired

  • Release of Subconscious Limiting Beliefs

  • Calming of the Chaos Within You

  • Practical Tools of Self-empowerment

  • Chakra Alignment & Balancing

  • Release of Energies that Create Physical Ailments

  • Release of Blind Spots & Hidden Energies Within You

  • Completion of Karmic Cycles Holding You Back

  • Completion of Soul Contracts

  • Release of Energetic Cords Affecting Your Life/ Attachment or Co-dependency Habits

  • Optimization of Family Field Energy to Support Your Life

  • Development of Your Own Intuitive Abilities

  • Energy Work & Vibrational Alignment

  • Past Life Work when Desired

  • Mediumship & Connecting w/ Loved Ones

Transformational Coaching


Completely Committed
Life Make-over Package $2,000

3 Months of Weekly Sessions (4/month)
- 12 sessions @ $166 per (if paid in full)
- Sessions are 1-2 hours each
- Between Session text messaging included*
- Free Membership to Conscious Creators**
- $2,000 upfront or 3 Monthly payments of $733
- Contact us for payments option setup

You will be contacted to arrange scheduling

Sounding Board & Guidance Package $2,000
6 Months Of Bi-Weekly Sessions (2/Month)
- 12 Sessions @ $166 Per (If Paid In Full)
- Sessions Are 1-2 Hours Each
- Between Session Text Messaging Included*
- Free Membership To Conscious Creators**
- $2,000 Upfront Or 6 Monthly Payments Of $366
- Contact us for payments option setup

You will be contacted to arrange scheduling

Executive Pass

- Access to Peter any day, any time*
- Schedule same day*
- As much as you want*
- No Session time limit*
Contact us to Apply

*Peter takes ONLY 2 Executive Pass Clients at a time. Limit of 3 sessions per week, Must contact (text) Peter directly for availability in the moment when you would like to talk. Peter does his best to fulfill commitment, it’s possible that he may be busy at certain times.

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Message from Peter


A little bit about me and how I work with people

I am awakened to my abilities of clairsentience (feeling), clairvoyance (vision), claircognizance (knowing), and most dominantly clairaudience (hearing, channeling). I awakened to these abilities within me about six years ago now. I’ve had these abilities my entire life however, I wasn’t empowered with them or knew what they were until I went through a huge and dramatic (in fun ways) waking up process where I remembered who I was beyond this physical world, why I’m here and what my mission is during.

I am here to shift this planet into higher realms of consciousness. Every mission and purpose of every aspect (past life, etc.) of mine (my particular soul) on Earth is directly related to making this shift going on right now, happen. ..I’m a traveler and definitely not “from” this area of the woods. Every waking moment of my life (sleeping as well) since I woke up years ago has been and is dedicated to this shift, helping others (other aspects of Self) to evolve their consciousness and by virtue, make this shift happen.

I spent my twenties (in this life anyway) in the field of psychology on the sidelines, taking in and discovering how the conventional model of psychology works, or so they say. Back then, discovering and growing/healing my life and experiences through the lens of psychology helped me a great deal to understand how human habits play out…this was only the start of me realizing what is possible however.

Fast forward to years later and during my intense and magical awaking process, I started channeling other aspects of myself with knowledge useful to my role in this life. One particular channel I discovered is what I can only describe as, in this reality, the energy of Integral Theory which is a theory of worldviews, how we all have our own worldview, how we’re all at certain levels of development, what these levels looks like and how we evolve to higher levels, how we “integrate” and transcend. This is what matches most closely the energy of this particular “channel” and the big concepts and understandings I get from it and this particular channel is integral to how I am able to help just about anyone that shows up regardless of where they are on their path.

When I sit down with a new client, I simultaneously use multiple abilities of mine to read where the person is on their path of evolution currently and I work from there as a baseline to aid and assist them in moving forward in ways that make sense and are unique to them….not one structure I blanket everyone with.

Yes, I am psychic and yes I see probably future timelines however, I do not use my abilities to tell you what your life will look like in x amount of years. That is dis-empowering simply because you are the creator of your reality, not me. If I was to do that, I would be projecting on you and you would be making that manifest for you simply because you’ve agreed. This is not how I work with people.

The spiritual Master Osho once said that there are three types of teachers in this world, 1. Charismatics who blast you with energy and pump you up, only to leave you hanging dry once you go out on your own and quite possibly they burn you out. 2. Systems and Structure givers who offer you a linear path of action to take that hopefully gets you to where you want to be. 3. Your Friend who simply helps you to remember who you are and encourages your empowerment as the unique soul you are. Buddha once said that when I come back (when I reincarnate) I will not be a teacher, I will be your friend. I want to be your Friend and this is how I work with people.

I have clients that have been utilizing my services for years on end, one I’ve been seeing regularly for going on four years now (and boy-howdy are they a different person now!!!). I also have clients who only need to see me once to get everything they seek. More often than not however, what’s needed is continued support and this is really fun for me because I enjoy building relationships and watching people grow as I guide and assist them in ways that are unique to and work for them specifically.

During client sessions, I bring my full Self forward including all these other lifetimes of mine with knowledge specific to guiding humanity into this shift in consciousness. I use my intuitive abilities as well as my grounded nature to help you in balanced and tangible ways that work…if you follow through and do your work of course. 

My typical client is someone who is already empowered in many areas of their life and wants to fine-tune. Someone who is looking for a sounding board of a sorts, insight and clarity that at times can be difficult to obtain on your own. I love working with people who are curious about life and how it works, people who are committed to their own growth and appreciate having an expert to lean on and utilize as part of their handbag of tools.