Peter is fantastic! I started seeing him in April of 2015, and have seen my life change quite drastically for the better. Peter is great at really listening to you, and reading your energy, which helps to provide customized support!

Peter is incredibly talented at what he does. He will work with you and provide you tools to help make the changes you need to live your fullest potential.

Even if you’re skeptical about energy work, he will find a way to meet you at your level and guide you in a way that makes sense to you.

Peter is more than just an energy healer. He is a life coach, a support, and phenomenal support system.

Not only do I highly recommend him to anyone seeking for answers, but I am incredibly and forever grateful for all that he has done to help me transform my life!
— Emily K. - Seattle, WA

Peter is an amazing advisor and sounding board. I have counted on him 5-6 times in the last 3 years during times of transition when I needed a solid, grounded and thoughtful perspective on changes that I was going through and his ideas were always eye-opening, useful and made with a solid understanding of my own gifts and talents. I also recently experienced some energy work from him and I have to say, his process is both very soothing and very uplifting. I always leave his company walking taller and I highly recommend him.
— Rebecca B. - Seattle, WA

It would take an entire book to share the impact that a single session with Peter had on my life.

We spent an afternoon chatting away about whatever came to mind. He listened, gently helping me identify and release any limiting beliefs that surfaced.
In just a few hours, I let go of years of ideas and resistance that were no longer serving me.
I felt intensely lighter, freer and joyful.

My family didn’t know about my session, but they could see and feel the shift in me.
I became more carefree, more present, more ME than I had been in a very long time.
And when I showed up as my best self, they all started showing up as the best version of themselves.
Not only was I healed, but the healing had a ripple effect worldwide.

If you have a specific issue, are looking for an upgrade, or want to shift into a new perspective, I highly recommend scheduling some time with Peter.
— C. Gage - Seattle, WA

My time with Peter is invaluable.

The clarity with which he has provided has been “spot on” repeatedly. This clarity has helped me move through areas where I had previously felt stuck. The result has been a significant increase in alignment, peace and ease in my life. I am incredibly grateful for Peter and his willingness to share his beautiful gift.

In gratitude,
— Laurie T. - Kirkland, WA

Sessions with Peter have been truly amazing. I have come to him and been a mass of confusion, and he has guided me through to help me clear out blocks and stories that are getting in my way. He is joyful, and yet totally grounded, spirited, yet real. Definitely a pleasure to work with, and I have benefited so much from the experience.
— Heidi D. - Seattle, WA