My Process of Letting Go of Duality

From My Deck in Magnolia

From My Deck in Magnolia

When you see the larger picture, life is hilarious the way it all works out.

I came to Seattle back in 2010 because I called myself here. For the first time in my life I was truly listening to myself and I knew that my path was leading me away from Washington D.C. to Seattle. At the time I really had no idea what was going to happen or how it would all play out but I trusted myself enough to know that everything would be fine and it would all work out.

Over the past three years of being in Seattle I have woken up to who I am. I discovered myself, how powerful I am and how important the role I have in this lifetime is (read the about me section of my website to learn more about my role).

This past February everything kicked into high gear and over the past six months or so my entire life has been focused on releasing all projections and boxes of limitations I took on throughout my life - throughout my time playing in duality.

Just in the past few days I have completed my process of releasing projections as to who I am and by virtue owned who I am fully and completely.

For months now I have been feeling big changes coming. For months now, not only have I been purging my internal crap, but I have been purging physical belongings that I've collected along my journey throughout duality.

One thing you may not know about me is that I created a situation last year where I manifested a small amount of money to come to me on a regular basis and this how I have been financially supporting myself and in essence funding my waking up process. I've not made this process easy for myself at all times but one thing I've always done is make things work.

Earlier this year I had some expenses that threw me back financially and since then everything has been extremely tight, more so than ever before. I didn't let this bother me however, because I trusted myself and knew that there is a larger picture here at play.

Throughout this time of everything being extremely tight, I let go of my attachment to money. I let go of my attachment to stuff. And biggest of all, I let go of my my attachment to duality.

And this brings me to two nights ago. Everything in my life has been coming to a head over the past few months and on Monday night I consciously decided that I was done waiting. I made a very strong intention that I am ready for my next step and I am ready to move forward. I made it very clear that I am done with duality and that my intention is now to fully move into my role that I have in this lifetime, the reason I am here in a physical body.

I made it very clear that I choose to have physical proof in front of my face that confirms to me as to what my next steps are, as to where I am going, and to prove to my brain that what I have been getting psychically for months now is real and is happening. So after months of feeling that I am moving soon, of feeling that everything is going to change very soon, I got my proof, I got my physical sign in front of my face...

Because of the tight financial situation this year I have been unable to pay my electric bill but the funny thing is that I have never worried about it - I knew that this was all part of a larger story at play. I made a very clear and strong intention that my electric could not be turned off so long as I live here in this apartment. And this brings me to yesterday morning and to the proof in my face of what my next step is.

About twelve hours after I made this strong intention, asking myself for the sign, I was walking back to my apartment after my morning coffee shop visit and as I walked down the hill to my apartment I felt and I knew that I was about to walk into something big. I walked up to my building and I saw parked at the curb, a Seattle City Light vehicle and I immediately knew. After months and months of me not allowing them to turn my electric off simply with my strong intention, the time had come and my physical proof was here. This was my flashing neon sign in front of my face that I am done here, and that it's time to move forward.

For those of you that still have projections as to right and wrong it may be hard for you to see that not paying a bill is okay and that this is what society labels irresponsible, but you see, I see the larger picture and to me it is all okay, in fact this is part of my way of leading by example, by showing you that money is simply energy and that you and I do not owe anyone anything.

Money is simply energy. And for you thinkers out there let me explain what money is on a physical, on a duality level. What is money? We have agreed as a society that this certain kind of paper with specific ink printed out in a particular fashion is valuable. Beyond the physical paper that we agree is valuable this money is simply digits on a computer screen. We have all agreed as a collective that money works a certain way and that certain people have easier access to it and that for certain people it is extremely hard to obtain. All it takes on this duality level to radically change how much money one person has, is simply a change of these numbers on the computer screen and this is exactly what stock market brokers do on a daily basis.

Why is it that if you learn the system, if you learn how money works on a duality level, that you can manipulate money to your desires and have as much as you want? This is exactly what the extremely wealthy in this world have done. They've figured out how it all works and they've made themselves filthy rich at the expense of everyone else, especially the ones at the financial bottom. This is simply duality and I have no judgment towards it. It just is.

I have also figured out money but I've figured out the larger picture of money, the larger picture that most avoid and most ignore. I have an understanding of what money is on an energetic level and money is simply energy. Because of projections from duality most take on self esteem crap about money and by virtue of this, value themselves by the amount of money or stuff they have in their lives.

Anyone that has concurred hoarding habits knows that what they were really doing is attaching, focusing on and valuing the stuff in their lives as opposed to looking inward and finding the real value - who you are.

What I am doing here is I am showing the world that you can let go of attachment, that you can let go of the competition as to who has the most and best stuff, and that when you do this, you find the real value and the real you.

I don't consciously know the details as to how these next steps of mine will play out but I know and I trust that everything is going to be better for me than ever before. For the first time in my life I truly have no attachment towards anything and this is the most freeing feeling I have ever experienced in this life thus far.

What I do see is that I will be leaving my current apartment very soon. I am selling and or giving away practically everything I own. I will be traveling for the next month or so and at some point, when the timing is perfect, I will come upon my new home and I will start a new life with new stuff and with a new relationship with someone that I dearly Love.

True success is discovering who you are. True success is letting go of limitations and projections from society and duality. True freedom is the feeling and the understanding you have once you let go of all attachment.

I am excited for my new adventures and I feel strongly and know that I will take care of myself, that I will create opportunities and situations into my life that assist me towards what it is that I truly desire.

Part of owning who you are is letting go of your brain and the limitations that it offers. Our brains cannot understand who we truly are and will get in our way any chance we give to it. We are so much more than our physicality, so much more than what our brains think is possible. When we let go of trying to control and dictate our lives through our logical thinking brains, we allow ourselves to be guided by our energy - by the larger us. And it is this larger version of who we are, our energy, that knows everything, that sees the complete and whole picture.

When we let go and allow ourselves to be guided by the larger version of ourselves we open the door to truly limitless possibilities. I would never have been able to get to the point at which I am with owning who I am and letting go of all my crap from duality if I didn't trust myself and the abilities that I have always had inside me.

For awhile now, I have not really been using my brain for most tasks in my life, I have simply been allowing the larger me to direct the show. And this is true freedom, this is the beginning of me creating and stepping onto the bridge into a new world. A world where everyone is where I am with my understanding of what life is. A world where everyone has access to anything that they desire. A world where fear goes away and Love takes its place.

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