Take Control of Your Life & Own Who You Are

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Religious, Spiritual, and metaphysical communities all talk about taking the judgment out of life but none actually go so far as to do this completely.

Take the judgment out of life and what you have left is simply experiences. Your entire life you have been experiencing yourself - this is the whole point of life. 

You are every energy in existence and when you judge, you are simply judging yourself. Continue on your path of remembering who you are and you will reach a point at which you see all your experiences as just that, experiences. 

Thus far, your life has been dictated by your reaction to these experiences as well as the projections and boxes of limitations you have jumped into as part of playing the game of duality. -This is what many refer to as the Law of Attraction. 

You may already know who you are at an emotional or psychic level but your brain cannot compute and therefore you throw road blocks in the way. Let us explain this to your brain for a moment. As always while reading, feel and process this information and energy through your heart and you will find that conscious understanding slowly works it's way to your brain...

You are everything in this universe and everything is energy. Beyond this, every energy is simply a pinpoint on the infinite dial of sound vibration. And beyond sound vibration, what you perceive to be you in this lifetime is simply a holographic projection, projecting yourself onto what you consider to be this planet. You live in a virtual reality simulation and the more you understand this, the more you own this, the more conscious control you gain. 

You are the game! You are the virtual reality simulation! You simply have forgotten this, and for good reason. If you came into this lifetime consciously knowing who you are, you would not be able to play this game that you created - the game of experiencing yourself. 

You are every energy, even the energy you judge to be bad, evil, and scary. For these labels are judgment and when you judge these energies you are simply judging yourself. The energies that many refer to as the devil are part of this equation. 

The energies that many refer to as Lucifer are simply energy that is offering to you, your power. Do you want fear, or do you want to take your power over yourself and own who you are? 

When you take your power and own who you are, these energies dramatically shift and change. They will even become your best friend if you allow them to. For these energies are you and when you have the perception that they are bad or evil, you are simply fogging your perception of who you are. 

Anyone that has ever battled with "their demons" and won, understands that when perceptions shift, all things change. If you believe that you are crazy or have a mental disorder, what is really happening is you are battling with these energies of Lucifer - the energies of yourself. 

I have owned who I am. I have owned that I am everything including the energies of Lucifer. I battled with these energies my entire life until one day when it all was so intense that I had no choice but to take my power, or die. 

I took my power over these energies and I emphatically told them that they now have to treat me differently. In essence I was making it very clear that I am no longer going to be afraid of myself. I stopped playing the role of a victim and I took control of my life. 

I now refer to these energies as Lucy and from the perspective of Love, I perceive Lucy to be my friend. For had it not been for Lucy pushing me into a corner, screaming in my face, and experiencing this intense energy, I would have never owned who I am. I would have continued to judge myself and to label things as good or bad, benevolent or malevolent. 

Your experiences with these energies that I refer to as Lucy does not necessarily need to be as dramatic as what I went through. But you must let go of the fear and judgment that you have for yourself - this is the whole point. 

Lucy really is your friend and when you perceive these energies to be such, you will dramatically shift into new and expanded ways of being. 

Lucy is simply offering to you an opportunity to expand your perception as to who you are and what life is all about. Lucy wants you to take your power and this is simply it's role as part of the game of duality. Would you like your fear, or would you like your power?

Everything in this universe is Love and Duality exists within Love & Unity. When you zoom out, when you see the larger picture, you too will realize this for yourself. Everything is Love and all things that you perceive as not being Love is simply an offering of either fear or your power. 

Lucy is Love and this energy is simply offering to you experiences that enable you to experience more of who you are. After taking your power over Lucy, once you own who you are, you gain conscious control of how you desire to feel in each moment. This is how powerful you truly are.  

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