How to Not Be Negatively Affected by Others


Do you consider yourself to be a sensitive person?
Do you feel what others go through or consider yourself to be empathic? 
Do you find yourself easily affected by intense situations? 
Do you go through phases of being reclusive because being out in the world is just too much?
Do you ever experience what is called social anxiety? 
Do you want to know why you're like this? Then keep reading...

Clairsentience, or clear-feeling is a psychic ability that can be used to consciously manipulate the way you feel in each Now moment. If you want conscious control of what you feel in all moments, make it your intention to learn about this ability of yours. 

Vibration is simply the intention that you hold and it is through your vibration that you attract every experience to you, whether labeled good  or bad.

When two people are vibrating similarly their paths are, in essence close enough that they have what you call a relationship. 

The feelings and emotions that you experience around and in this relationship can be entirely customized simply with your intent - the vibration that you hold. 

Because of the projections and limitations you have taken on as part of duality, your default vibrational state may be the opposite of what it is that you consciously desire. 

Clear the projections from society, let go of your limiting beliefs, and you will find that your conscious intent strengthens. This is how you manifest what it is that you consciously desire - not the opposite. 

You have the ability to choose what energies you exchange, what feelings you feel, and what "vibs" are sent from you, to the other person. 

It is all your choice, but you must first understand what clairsentience is.

The big misunderstanding around clairsentience is that you all hold the vibration of tapping into someone completely and feeling everything. Consciously desired or not, you take on any and every energy that the other person has or is currently experiencing. 

Because of this wide-spread misunderstanding, as well as not even realizing the abilities you have, this planet is filled with people that continuously take on the energies of other people. You take these energies on and you experience what many of you call depression, anxiety, fear, the list goes on…

Choose to accept your abilities and actively intend what energies that you desire to send out and what energies you let in. 

It is possible to be compassionate and loving to another while they are experiencing grief, pain, fear, etc, and to not take on these energies yourself.  In fact, this is the true essence of Love - to stay on your sidewalk and to throw ropes to the person in the mud, offering to them an opportunity to climb out. It is when you take on all of the energies that another is experiencing that you, yourself jump into the mud with them. 

What help are you to a person in the mud if you jump into the mud with them? 

What do you wish to experience on a feeling and emotional level with another person? 

We offer to you the following example:
Every person is on their own personal path of growth and evolution. When two people vibrationally line up and a relationship is started, by default these two people tap into each other, attach and begin the sharing of all energies and experiences. 

Because of our own individual paths of growth and experiencing, one half of the couple may have concurred or grown past one particular area of life that the other has not. And because of the default vibration of taking on every energy from the other, the person who has for instance, concurred the energies of jealously may begin to feel these energies again. This can be extremely confusing to both, especially to the one who thought that they were done playing with the energies of jealousy. 

Instead we offer to you an alternative with this example:
Once both people in the relationship are consciously aware of their clairsentience abilities and how to use them, they both gain the ability to consciously choose what they experience through the relationship. And it is with clear intention and vibrations - no projections and junk from duality - that they manifest the loving and healthy relationship that they want. 

Take your power to the next step and use your intention to match the other person who is "ahead". This is how powerful you are! You can match another who has concurred something in their life that you, yourself desire to accomplish. Has your mate let go of jealousy issues from their past and you yourself have not yet? Simply use your intention to match the other on this and if your intention is clear, you will soon find yourself feeling more clear and confident in yourself and your relationship. 

Now that you have the understanding of what clairsentience is, now that you know that it is simply a psychic tool to experience different energies, you can now consciously choose what energies you wish to experience. 

This knowledge is life changing. Like a child learning to not touch a hot stove, you will find self empowerment through your understanding of the abilities that you have, just simply been unaware of until now.

What do you wish to feel from another person?
What do you wish to send out to another person?

Psychic abilities are tools to access the larger version of who you are. Clairsentience is a psychic ability that is used to manipulate what energies you access and what energies you do not, especially but not limited to, an emotional and feeling level.  

Clairsentience is also how you attract to you experiences of illness and dis-ease. More about this in a later article. 

Choose to shift your perspective and own your abilities. Exercise your conscious intent of how you choose to use your clairsentient abilities. 

You truly have complete control over how you experience life and mastering your clairscentient abilities is the control you have always desired. 

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