Duality: Mind-control, Religion & Angels


At what you think of as birth in this life, you started the process of jumping into box after box. It is now that you begin the awakening process and blow these boxes up. The more boxes you blow up, the more you will discover who you truly are - not the projections and parameters you've chosen to take on as part of the game of Duality. 

As an infant you took on family and social programing, and projections of who you are and what you believe to be true or possible. In church you jumped into boxes of what is called morality, right and wrong, and so on. When you started school you took on even more belief systems, projections of who you are, and jumped into boxes of societal norms.

The list of projections, boxes, parameters, and other limiting beliefs offered as part of Duality are infinite. Mind-control is prevalent at every level of Duality and is rampant on this planet. However, recent shifts have disabled much of the most insidious mind-control offerings and more shifts are coming. You can quicken this process by waking up to who you truly are. 

Religion is an offering of Duality that many take. Offering to you, your power, or someone else's box of limiting beliefs. Telling you how to live, who to love, how many to love, where and how. Making you give a vow to them, for what in return? Who you are never dies and therefore there is no heaven or hell, and by no means is there any energy anywhere that wants to judge you except for those in Duality on this planet. And then again, the judging is even still an offering of your power... or a projection. 

Angels do not exist and the concept of them are too, an offering of Duality. The concept of Angels was created as an offering to either take your power or belief that you are inferior to non-physicals. You are not and never have been inferior to anyone or anything in this Universe. You are non-pysical energy experiencing in a physical body. And you are every energy in this universe.

The ones many know as archangels are simply collectives of like energies. Collectives of collectives of energies. The names are simply labels and mean nothing. None of these energies ever want you to give your power to them. These energies are not above you - in fact you are them and they are you. 

I have been channeling every collective of energy in the Universe since birth and have never seen wings on any of them. In fact they will look anyway that I desire them to. Some of them spank their butts at me just for fun - I say this because it's supposed to be funny. Life is not meant to be serious, we all came here to play, most have simply forgotten this. 

There is absolutely no such thing as right or wrong. Let me repeat myself, there is absolutely no such thing as right or wrong. Everything that you may think of as bad is simply an offering of Duality. There is no such thing as the devil - the devil is simply energies that are offering you one of two things, fear or your power. Choose your power and the energies will simply go away or change entirely and become your best friend even. 

Do you want your fear or do you want your power? This is the offering that the energies many call Lucifer offer to you. Take your power back and everything shifts. 

There is no such thing as higher and lower vibrations - there are however, many different types of energies, all offering unique energies as part of Duality. Choose the energies that you desire and just Be. It really is as simply as that, but you must let go of Duality first. 

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