Duality & Time


Duality is a wide array of experiential offerings that have been available on this planet for many Now moments. Duality is many things but it all comes down to limits and boxes. Limits on creating, limits on control over your reality, and of course the biggest of them all, time. 

Time does not exist and is simply an offering of Duality to contain yourself and live by someone else's parameters. Time is an offering of Duality to measure, and by doing so, contain yourself within boxes. Measurements and math are offerings in Duality, as well as science and every other school of thought currently in this realm. The closest anyone in science has ever reached is with the ideas of us all being in a virtual reality simulation, however this is a stepping stone.

The plain hard truth is that if we were to give you a download of energy explaining the world to you, you may create a brain aneurism and kill yourself. This is funny because you don't even have a brain, your entire body is a projection. Also, you never die - the idea of death is another offering of Duality.  

See a timeline that you are so used to creating in your mind. Start the left side with your birth, continuing to your childhood years, your teenage years, and so on. Now once you have a good picture in your mind of what you consider to be the entirety of your life, reach over and grab that line of time, rip it out and throw it in the trash.  Now that you have no line of time, all of the Now moments are easily free floating everywhere around you.

Let go of your lines of time and begin your transformation into a new way of Being. Letting go of time is a necessity in moving forward into new and expanded experiences, new realms, new ways of thinking and knowing, and much more beyond your wildest dreams.   

Stop planning. As much as possible stop planning your life using time. The more you plan using time, the more you cling onto limitations and parameters around time and Duality. If you're one to plan everything, simply start by blocking large chunks of your schedule out to just go with the flow. Being intuitive means that you listen to yourself and what you desire in the moment. If you are clairaudient (clear hearing), you can always ask the planning committee energy to calm down. I say this jokingly because you have so much more control than you have ever consciously known.

Jump out of your brain box! You are capable of Being and Doing so much more than you have ever thought possible. Shift your perception of who you are and what you are capable of. You are not self contained in your physical body - quite the opposite actually. 

Everything that has ever ever existed, everything that will ever exist, everything that is possible, is all happening Now. Past, present, and future are all constructs of limitations. and do not truly exist. You have the power to travel through Now moments and jump from one to another however, your box that is time is keeping you contained.

For every outcome, there are infinite other possible outcomes, and the same goes for Now moments. You have complete control over what Now moment you experience. How about pull in all the Now moments that are fun? Let go of time and set yourself free to pick and choose all the Now moments that you wish to experience. How does that sound to you? Active conscious creator of your experiences.

Having complete control over what Now moment you experience also requires that you let go of all projections and beliefs of others that you've taken on since birth. When you read or listen to anyone outside of you, always throw everything away that does not resonate with you. Resonation is a feeling that you have always had. A feeling of yes, this is my truth and it feels good. Review your beliefs on a regular basis, purge the limiting beliefs, and take the boxes off your head.

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