Duality & Ego


Duality is a pendulum of offerings to either take your power over the moment or to continue playing the game. The game is Duality and the experiential offerings are more vast on this planet than in any other in the universe. Each time you experience fear, self doubt, judgement, lack, parameters, or similar, you are experiencing Duality.

Attachment to Duality is called Ego. Those who have chosen life's of large Ego, will have the hardest time with the shifts because this is exactly the way they set it up. Remember you always have a choice in the moment. What is it that you wish to Be?

Duality is ending as you know it on this planet and you must choose what it is that you desire to be. As you purge all of your projections and other's beliefs that you have taken on throughout the entirety of your life, you will become more clear as to who it is You really are. This is a process that can go as fast or as slow as you choose. Projections are bull shit that you have taken on from others starting before birth. Things such as physical characteristics, habits, limiting beliefs, allergies, insecurities, personality. Yes, for many, your personalities will drastically change. The list is endless.

Each time someone told you something about yourself, you had the offering to either be in your power and decide for yourself who you choose to Be or to give your power to the other's opinion or belief. These layers of projections are so thick on so many that they have no real idea of who they really are. Continue releasing and you will find yourself soon.

Many have jumped in so many boxes of limiting belief systems that they are lost. Add a large Ego to the mix and you have someone that will fight to hold onto his limited beliefs and know-it-all way of being. These people will grasp but eventually get tired of resisting the ever shrinking conditions of being in box after box.

Many will have their "lives flash before their eyes", and choose the experience of deep, deep pain. Take your power back - There is no such thing as right or wrong, we all played certain roles during the game of duality, release the energies and shift into the next stage of your evolution.

Religion and morality were created as an offering of duality to either be given perimeters and be put in a box or to take your power back and say no to mind control. Mind control is an extremely prevalent offering in Duality. Would you like to be given a set of "morals" and beliefs to live by or do you want to create your own, or better yet, live limitless? Do you want to watch life as a movie or do you want to create the movie?

Duality is all about limits. Are you done limiting yourself? 

There are also some who have since birth chose a life of no Ego. These people are among you, they are the ones that play small. Playing small was the game of Duality for them. Wake up, Dear Ones, it is time for you to shine your light.  The time has come, let go of all of the projections and Be Love. You are the shinning light for all others.

What comes after Duality is entirely up to You. You will come to a point where you will start to be consciously aware of everything you have directly created and how to control the entire process of creation. You are stepping into the conscience command center that you have always desired. No limits. Instant manifestations. Everything beyond your wildest dreams! You must let go of Duality to reach this conscious control.

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