You are Love - a message from Haniel

Dear One, This is Haniel. I come to you at this time sending you transmissions of Love and Light through these words. Everything in this vast Universe is energy, and I was created as a reminder, as a representation of the essence of that which is Love. Open your heart Dear One. Open yourself to my specific energetic frequency and I will assist you in feeling that which is Love.

Love is so much more than you have ever imagined it to be in this lifetime. Love is creation, Love is being that which you are. Behind all of the projections that you chose to take on, behind all of the false beliefs that you chose to belief, behind all of the layers, you Dear One, are Love energy. Do not fret. Do not judge yourself for choosing to pile on the layers during this lifetime. These layers are simply opportunities of experiences. Let go of all judgement. Let go of all fear. What remains is the true essence of who you are. You are Love.

Love is not excitement. Love is not exhilaration. Love is not any of the definitions found elsewhere on this planet. English is a very limiting language and it was set up this way to experience communication within a set of limiting parameters. Let go of the idea, the concept that your understandings come from your languages. True understandings come from the heart. Start Now by feeling my unique energy through the words on this page. Feel this energy in your heart Dear One. When you live your life through feeling your experiences with an open heart, you are being that which is Love. When you express yourself in a manner of caring for all, wanting all to be well, wishing all to be Love, you are experiencing that which is Love.

Start with yourself. Let go of the many judgments that you have placed upon yourself during this lifetime. Let go of others beliefs that you took on. You simply took these on as part of the game of the third dimension. The game is over and it is now time to heal yourself and move forward into more and expanded experiences. You are a powerful creator being. You are so powerful that you have created every experience in your life. Own your power Dear One. You are a master at creation. It is now time to remember how you manifest, to remember your power, your Love.

Once you have let go of all judgment upon yourself, all projections you took on, you will return forward to the essence of that which you are. You will exude Love energy to yourself and to all that you encounter. You will offer this Love in the form of energy rippling off of your beingness, spreading far and wide for all that wish to remember who they are. When you love yourself fully, you hold space for the entire planet to become that which they truly are once again.

Do not be afraid, for fear is simply the fog that you placed in your energy as a means to forget the essence of who you are. This was what you wanted. This has all been simply another experience that you wanted to experience. Lift the fog, blow it away. Remember who you are and stand inside yourself, your Love.