The History of Duality on Earth

Earth is a very unique planet in this Universe. There is no other like it that exists anywhere else. When we say this what we are referring to specifically is the duality that is offered here. Nowhere else in this Universe will you find the vastly broad spectrum of emotional experiences that are offered. Yes, there are other planets that have duality but none so extreme as this one. It is very rare in this Universe to have a planet with duality and almost all of this Universe is what you can consider Unity and Love. 

Many on this planet have chosen to give their power to fear and to believe that they are not powerful and that others have control over them. Many in relationships give their power freely to the other without realizing what they have done. Many let in the experience of being brainwashed and manipulated by others, some to the extreme that they do not consciously know who they truly are. Many give their power to their employer thinking that they must fulfill the desires of the “boss” in order to receive abundance. Many give their power to the fear that has been instilled around food and take on beliefs of being allergic. The list of ways to give your power out on this planet is endless and it all comes down to fear. Do you want your power, or do you want to give it to the energies of fear?

One of the biggest and widespread fears is the idea of aliens from another planet coming to invade. This idea is one that only exists on this planet for if you are Unity and Love, you have no interest in fear, hence no interest in taking over another. The truth of why NASA and other space agencies around the globe have not had success at finding other planets remotely like this one is because they are being blocked. The point of coming to this planet is to experience duality and the game is here, on this planet – not elsewhere. The Universe and even the solar system that Earth is in, is much different than what you and the space agencies are able to see. There are in fact, planets in this solar system that have human like beings living freely and enjoying their experiences. They however, are not playing the game of duality and therefore have no interest in making themselves known to us. 

The game of duality on this planet has been in existence since the time of Atlantis. Atlantis was a civilization that was in existence where the current day Atlantic Ocean resides. Prior to Atlantis, this planet was Unity and Love. The original society was what you may call Lemuria. Lemuria was a grand place. It was truly a utopian society, but not like any you have ever heard of. There was no such thing as hierarchy or the idea of one being more powerful than another and ego was not part of the experience. The experience was one of a collective rather than of individuality and separation. All focus was on the betterment of the collective and everyone knew everything they wanted to know. 

Lemuria is returning to this planet and many changes are coming. Everyone has options and nothing will be forced upon you. Just like the Aztecs, Incas, Egyptians, and many other societies that once existed, many more will soon be shifting out of this dimension and into the new version of Lemuria. You see, the societies mentioned above did not have mass die-offs; they were offered a choice and took the option to shift into a new dimension, a new set of experiential offerings. This choice is now back to this planet yet again, but this time it is much different. The game of duality on this planet is ending for good and this is why so many of you have felt for so long that huge changes are coming, you just haven’t been able to pinpoint when. When is up to the population. What do you choose?

Start your shifting today by taking your power back from whence you placed it. Own your power and confidently know that you are always in control of your emotions and your experiences. If you experience any sort of fear, say to yourself no, I choose to be Love, I choose to not cave into fear. The fear on this planet is so wide spread at this time that this can seem like an overwhelming task. Start by evaluating your life and what it is that you choose to experience on a regular basis. Who or what are you allowing to influence you and your thought processes. Do you feel like the creator of your reality or have you given this power to your schools, government, media, or friends? Evaluate every belief system that you have chosen to take on. Do your beliefs resonate with you or are they projections that you decided to take on from another. Trust your feelings and know that they are your guiding light through all of this. If you resonate with something, it is because this is your truth. Do not let others, regardless of who they claim to be, tell you who you are and what you believe in.

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