It's Always About You - Even When It's Not

Early last year before I started on the path I am now, I worked in Downtown Seattle close to the Pike Place Market. During my lunch breaks I always liked to walk over to the market and stroll through. I now know that I was taking in the energy of of the many independent local artists who come to sell their creations. Two of the artists in particular caught my attention more than the others.

One of that artists, a man who channels other aspects of himself from other dimensions including his experiences in Lemuria, draws vivid psychedelic  images of current day Seattle mixed with large creatures and buildings that we do not see in this current time period. Since the moment I saw his piece of the Fremont Troll with Buddhist Monks meditating on a mat peacefully, while large insect creatures stand near by, I wanted this art for my home. To me it represents finding peace in the midst of chaos.  

Another artist whom I met at the market was an influential figure in my life when we first met. She's a woman who paints beautiful, calming images of animals and nature in watercolors. I learned from her that in addition to her artwork, she babysits cats, either in her home or at the homes of people that are are out of town and can not attend to their feline family members. This struck me as a giant reminder that all of us can experience the life that we want, we simply need to believe. The last time I saw her she showed me a painting of a peacock authentically showing it's colors in all it's glory. The moment I saw the painting, I knew that I needed it. 

Lately I have been intuitively checking in to feel if one these artists is at the market currently so that I can go pick up one of these pieces. Two weeks ago, I checked in and felt the woman's presence at the market, I asked where and received the image of the second stall once you leave the inside area. I proceeded to walk over and was laughably surprised when I saw one of the artists, but it was the man, not the woman. So I thought to myself, this must mean that I need to go ahead and get the Monk piece. I did this and then went to have it framed down the street.   

I brought the newly framed art home, found a place for it on my wall and hung it up. But there was something bothersome about it. For the next few hours I pondered a few times as to why the energy just didn't feel right. It did not flow with the energy of my home or where I am now. I meditated and sent energy to the artwork thinking that I will simply change the energy as I've done on many other items I own. To no avail I was unable to feel comfortable with the art and I asked the question as to why.  I immediately heard that I should give the art to neighbor who recently moved in next door and is in a part of his life where he's starting to find himself. I sorta laughed about it for a few minutes and said okay then, I will. The energy of the art flowed with me a year ago, but I have changed since then. 

For the next few days I pondered when I should go over to give the art to him and each time the conclusion was to wait. My neighbor works graveyard shifts and sleeps at odd hours so I didn't want to disturb him. A few days later, I'm at my desk and I notice my neighbor walking towards my door. I open my door and he hands me some of my mail that our postal carrier delivered to him. I thank him and tell him to hold on because I have something for him. I grabbed the art and handed to him. As he held the art in his hands I watched as his face and spirit light up with gratitude and joy. This made his day and watching his reaction made mine.  

After he left and I went back to my desk I heard this statement: it's not always about you, Aaron. I laughed of course because I thought it was hilarious that I went through the whole process of seeking out the piece, getting it framed, and then it just not feeling right on my wall. After pondering a bit more, I realized that this was an opportunity for me to flow my abundance to someone in need.

It's not always about you, but dig a little deeper and it is always about you. 

This experience was a reminder of many things to me. Money is simply energy. It is not real like you and I. When we hold on to our abundance, we shove a rock in our pipe and stop the flow. To experience the abundance that we desire, to widen the pipe of our abundance we must flow our abundance to others. If you feel the urge to go spend your money, maybe this is the Universe reminding you that you must flow in order to receive. Let go of your fears around abundance from the past. Focus on the Now and do not be afraid to give.