I Forgive You – I Forgive Myself

Forgiveness is letting go. Forgiveness is moving forward. Forgiveness is Love.

We are All Best Friends at a Higher Level

We’ve all held a grudge against someone at one point or another through our many experiences. We do this because of the pain that we feel. We believe that someone hurt us, that they should not have, and until they remedy the situation, we hold to these energies of begrudging. Sometimes we hold onto these energies for entire lifetimes and beyond. But you do not have to. There is another way.

I offer a new perspective – a perspective of Love.

You came into this aspect of you, forgetting who you truly are so that you can experience the contrast of who you are, which enables you to experience and remember the true You. You see, before this you knew who you were, but you wanted to experience yourself and this is the only way to do so.

Many of us in this time period that we are in have experienced the far depths of dark places. We have come so far and have grown so much, but we still hold onto grudges towards people from these experiences. Without consciously realizing it, we have placed a brick wall in the center of our path towards Love.

Start today by asking yourself why the wall is there.

Every experience you experience is a creation of yours. You created your body, you created being born into your particular family, and you created the experience that you are holding onto as pain or fear. Every situation we encounter is a situation that we vibrationally match up to in the moment. But there is more to this as you may feel. Soul Contracts are binding agreements between two souls to assist the other on their journey of experiencing all that they are. That’s right, assist. If this is resonating with you, if you feel the truth in these words, than most likely it is because you had a contract with this person that you are begrudging.

For instance, you and I may decide before coming into this aspect of ourselves that we will play a game together. I will be the bad guy and you the good guy. Together we create experiences of deep contrast, which may include any of the deep emotions that stem from fear. We create this, we assist each other in experiencing these emotions simply because it is the contrast, and to experience the fullness of who we are, we must experience duality, Yin & Yang, Light & Dark.

If you can pull yourself up to a higher level of perceiving, you will see that these experiences of fear and pain that you hold onto are all part of the Divinely laid out trajectories that you chose for this aspect of you. You will shift your perspective from that of fear to that of Love, and you will finally be able to release the begrudging energies and set yourself free. At a higher level, all of us are best friends. Yes, even that guy that “hurt you” so badly. Each one of us on this planet is equally Devine in who they are, because they are you, and you are them. We are all one. Do not choose to limit and categorize yourself into a box that says I am this, or I am that. You are everything.

Choose to let go. Choose to remember your Divinity, as well as the Divinity of those whom you have played in the mud with. Let go and set yourself free to create yourself anew. You are Love energy in it’s highest and purest form. You are God manifesting itself through light. Feel the truth in this statement and move forward Dear One. Move forward towards remembering and becoming that who you truly are, Love energy.