You Are a Beacon of Love Energy

You are a beacon of Love energy. You chose to come into this what you call life, to transmit energies of Love to this planet. Your role is critical for the shifts on this planet to occur. The moment is Now to wake up to who you truly are and the overarching role you are playing. Throughout all of your experiences, others have followed you like a bee to a flower. You have noticed that your energy is attractive to others and that there is "something about you". Yes, there is something about you, Dear One. It is who you are and the role you chose to play during these shifts here on Earth. 

Many beacons have chosen to play small throughout their experiences in Duality. You have taken on layer after layer of projections as to who you are and what it is that you believe. The moment is Now to stop taking these projections on from the World. Choose right now to be done with taking on others projections. Choose to start your purging processes and start remembering who you are.  

Everyone on this planet is currently in a process of purging, but you can make this happen very fast for you if you choose. Open your mind and expand it beyond belief of what you have thought is possible. You truly have the ability to jump through Now moments (time), rearrange events from what you think of as your past and future, and to truly take full control of all your experiences. You simply have been playing a game of small, believing that you are bound to the parameters of a construct that only exists on this planet. Time is a box, and it is fake - let it go.

Many of you have experienced much that you would consider horrendous and unpleasant experiences. Listen clearly when we say this to you... Everything that you have experienced in this lifetime is simply an experience - nothing more than an experience. Right and wrong do not exist - this idea is simply a box that you have jumped into as part of the game of Duality. The only reason why you have desires to have experienced this or that instead of what you consciously remember experiencing, is because you have taken on projections of judgment, right and wrong. It is a box - blow it up. 


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