Are You Intuitive?


Not everyone is Psychic but everyone is intuitive to some degree or other. If you think you're not intuitive, it may be that you're just not paying attention. I'm serious. Have you ever walked into a room and felt a change in the energy, the vibe? That's your Clairsentience. Do you ever get a strong knowing of something but don't know how? That's your Claircognizance. How about seeing auras or wisps of energy coming off of buildings or people when you relax your eyes and widen your view (without glasses)? That's your Clairvoyance. And then there's Clairaudience which is clear hearing. This is  how myself and others channel non-physical or their Higher self.

You can do much more with these claires, this is just an example. And the claires mentioned above are just a tiny portion of the larger senesces you have beyond the five we learned in school.  

More and more people are choosing to align with themselves and access these tools. Many are remembering more and more about how they had special powers as a child.

This stuff is not weird. It has always been available to us, our fears just got in the way. Recently consciousness has been shifting which is resulting in it being even easier for all of use to access these subtle senses and knowledge.

Define with your filter by choosing what you wish to experience. This is how you tell the universe and your brain what experiences you wish to manifest. Choose benevolence. Choose Joy. Choose Love.  

I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes to be in alignment and to work towards raising and keeping your vibration fast (high). Your life, your manifestations, and your perspective will be new. And you will feel better than ever before. When you keep your connection to source open you have the entire Universe and every bit of knowledge ever known at your finger tips. 

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