Taking The Judgement Out of Relationship & Childhood Experiences


First and foremost, we are all energetic beings playing a game of physicality. This is what life is. 

You are energy in the form of consciousness pinpointing into what you perceive to be a person, a lifetime, You. You are not only this pinpoint but you are the entirety of consciousness itself. You are the container that holds this universe. 

You Are Love & Everything is Love

If you find this hard to believe, if you find it hard to "wrap your brain around", it is simply because you have been playing a game of physicality, a game of humanness, since what you perceive as the day that you were born. Part of playing this game of being a pinpoint of consciousness, a person, is to not know who you really are, to be born forgetting the totality, the infinity that you truly are. 

This particular game of physicality is one inside of and at the tail end of, the most intense period of duality. Duality in its most simplistic definition is limits as to who you are and fear of yourself.  

Who you are is boundless, limitless, beyond measure, and beyond words. 

You Are Everything & Everything is Love 

All experiences in life are Love for everything is Love. You are everything and the purpose of life is to experience yourself - everything. 

This purpose of life, to experience yourself is why you have been through everything in your life. Many of us in this lifetime have experienced or witnessed things such as rape and incest, abuse of any nature, violence, adultery, graphic suicide of a loved one, the list goes on.. 

This may be the hardest thing you have ever done in this lifetime, but you must let go of the judgment towards these experiences for they are just that, experiences of yourself. 

You wanted to experience everything you have thus far in this lifetime. Whether or not you accept this to be the case yet or not, it is the truth. Let go of the judgment and you will find the reasons why. 

I wanted to experience rape, incest, abuse, violence and other "bad" things in my childhood for very good reasons. No I didn't go up to my uncle or my Mom's husband and ask them to sexually abuse me, but my larger self, the energy of who I am wanted these experiences and for very good reasons.

Beginning the day we are born into this world, we take on beliefs, societal norms, morality concepts, programming of who you are and what life is, etc.. 

Just for a moment let me take you somewhere else. An alternate universe where everything is different... Imagine that you are born onto a planet similar to this one but not at the same time. You are a baby, cute, soft, and cuddly. You grow up sleeping in a bed-like nest with the entirety of your clan or family. In this alternate reality the weather is always perfect, changed at will and by virtue clothing is entirely optional and rarely used. In this world sex is an act of energetic creation, expression, and Love. This Love is expressed freely and bound by no rules. Procreation happens only when it is consciously desired and STDs are non-existent. 

You grow up as a young child, sleeping naked with all of your siblings. This is the norm for this version of experiencing that consciousness is having in this world I've temporarily taken you too. In this world family members teach and explore the acts of energetic creation and physical pleasure through sex. For in this world, who better to teach a young one of the pleasures and energetic creations that can be had through sexual experiences. 

Back to this world, this version of reality where you are right now. The above was purely an exercise of expansion of your consciousness. Every alternate version of reality plus infinite more, exist within the same consciousness that you are from. That you are. 

Right and wrong do not exist and to say this or that is bad or wrong is simply judgement of the whole - judgement of you. 

The only reason why we believe what we belief, why we believe this or that should be a certain way, is because of societal habit. Your parents taught you this is the way it is and you repeat to your kids and so on. 

We are collectively experiencing a period of remembrance on this planet. More and more are remembering that there is more to life, that we are energy and that we directly influence and create our experiences through our emotions and intentions (vibration).  

If you yourself have experienced rape, abuse etc., and you are able to successfully let go of the judgement towards the experience, you will find what you have always wanted. You will find peace within.  

I always knew that weird shit happened when I was young. My uncle in particular, I never liked and would do anything to avoid him. I hated my Mom's husband but I thought that was just because he was a jerk. My entire life I blocked away memories from my childhood. And until I was ready, until I started pulling my memories back, my childhood prior to the age of twelve minus a few memories, was a complete blackout to me. But I do remember now and I see it for what it is with no judgment. 

I wanted to experience many things in my childhood and there are big reasons why I chose my life to be set up this way. Probably the biggest is so that I could eventually, when I was ready, to let go of the concept of right and wrong - judgement. 

Many people experience the depths of physically abusive relationships and they do it for a reason. This reason is rarely a conscious thing for it is chosen by you on an energetic level, you, your soul choosing to experience the abuse because one day you would gain value from it. The path is set up as such... The soul sends itself into a lifetime with a personality that gets itself into an abusive relationship, maybe comes close to death a few times, but the death never happens because there are more chapters to the story. And one day, maybe slowly bit by bit or a landslide of quickness, the personality starts to wake up to who they are. They fight back. They say no. They take their power back from whence they gave it and they break free. This personality finds strength in that they fought back. They find their power and they for the first time in their life begin to feel how powerful they truly are. They wanted these experiences to prove to them self how powerful they are. 

We are all one. We are of the same consciousness but yet at the same time we are all very unique. The human brain cannot comprehend fully the magnitude of everything and I don't suggest trying, with your brain anyhow. 

This planet is waking up. You are waking up. And it is critical for the people on this planet to work through experiences that have been buried away, not talked about, and labeled with fear and judgment. Any bit of resentment, hatred, and fear of any experiences you've had will hold you back from growing, moving forward, and living yourself fully. 

Many people who dive deeply into focusing on the law of attraction and being positive, have energies buried deep within them that subtly effect every aspect of their lives. No matter how hard they try to stay positive and focus on attracting what they want to them, it doesn't work as well as they would like. This is because there are parts of them self, experiences that they had, buried deep inside them. They either are consciously unaware (blocked memories), or simply have fear. And this fear, this judgement of them self's and what happened gets in the way. You can bury a thorn deep inside your shoe but it's still there and it effects everything. 

Working through and dealing with experiences that society labels as the worst of the worst can be challenging, daunting, and downright scary but it can be done, you can do it and when you do, you will begin your process of taking your power back and owning how powerful you are. 

Waking up is a matter is shifting perspectives of just about everything. Shift your perspective to see the larger picture with the one that hurt you. See them as a radiant being of light just like yourself. At a larger level, you both agreed upon certain experiences together and you both were fulfilling the role you agreed upon. 

It may be necessary for you to go through anger and punch a few walls  to get it out and release the energies of anger and fear. However, once you forgive the other, once you forgive yourself, once you let go of right and wrong, I promise you will find the peace you have always desired. 

Much Love to you. Contact me if you want help. -Peter

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