The Biggest Mind Game of Our Time - Government

US Supreme Court  

US Supreme Court  

There are solutions to every "problem" out there. Would you like to hold onto the problems? Or would you like to accept what is and allow the solutions to come?

Let me prefaces with.. I don't follow the news at all but there are times when things come to my attention by way of others and this always happens for a reason.

People are talking much about the US government shutdown these days. People are taking sides and they are defending their positions on who is right and who is wrong. But guess what?? Everyone is right. Everyone is also wrong. It's all perspective and how you look at it.

The only reason why we even have a government is because people want to be told what to do. People want to be limited and they want to compare themselves with others.

What does our government do for us? Dig to the deepest level and you will realize that it's all about limits and structure to hold these limits in place. We make laws to prevent discrimination but fail to realize that we as a society like to discriminate and thus is the entire point of government in the first place. To put things into boxes of categories and to value the categories based off of arbitrary reasons that mean nothing.

But these arbitrary reasons do mean something to the ones in power - the ones at the top of the arbitrary hierarchy that is government and our monetary system. These people at the top see what is quite clearly. They know why they're in power and for you to figure this all out scares them deeply..

Peel away the layers of crap, and you will find that money in of itself is worthless. The only reason why we have money in the first place is so that we can place value on this or that, or whatever. This value that we place on things, time, people, etc., is all arbitrary and only is because.. it is. In essence, we as a society decided long ago that certain things (or people) are more valuable than others. And it is the attachment to what is, that holds us back as a society.

Let go of judgment and comparison and allow a new system to spring up. Every solution to every problem in existence is waiting to come to fruition. You simply must allow it to happen.

Our system of hierarchy and government in this country is one that does not work for what the people want but it is the people themselves that are clinging to the old system, the old way of being. We hold onto what is when we notice the problem, bitch about it, and act as if we have no control to change anything. It's a game of the mind and this is one of the biggest mind games we've collectively ever played with ourselves.

We are all in this together, in fact we are all one. We are all the same energy pinpointing light into a focus that you perceive as a life, or a human being. You are energy in the form of consciousness, focused on and within what you perceive as your life. When you realize that we are all connected, when you realize that energy is the top level, not physicality, you will realize how much impact and control you actually have at a societal level.

All that is required to literally change everything is a very small percentage of people to wake up to who they are. This is already happening and the rate is exponentially speeding daily.

The president and congress are bickering about money, who owes who and how much. They're bickering about what is valuable, what is not, and how much or how little it's valued. This is a simplified way of looking at it but most people don't even see this. Most people see a battle between who's right and who's wrong. If this is what you see, you're missing the whole point and letting yourself be had by the mind control tricks that are duality and people wanting power over another.

Win The Mind Game by Seeing it for What it Is

Our system of comparison and judgement is collapsing in front of our faces. If you let it collapse, you allow for something better to take it's place.

Our monetary system is collapsing and it is up to you to either fight the collapse and struggle, or let it float away and embrace the wild flowers as they spring up from the floor of a burned down forest.

No one that is not at the financial top really likes money all that much. This is simply what is. People don't want to work at a job they hate just because it pays well. There are many people out there that would love to do the work of an administrative assistant but they don't because our society chooses to value that work less than say, a doctor. And there are countless people that make a lot of money but hate their lives and themselves in general. This is all judgment.

My whole point with this is that everyone has different desires and wants to do different things. We are all the same energy and if we would simply relax and let the judgment and comparison go, we would find ourselves in a world that gives and shares freely with each other.

Who Gets to Decide What You Are Worth?

How about stop comparing yourself to others and just be okay with yourself the way you are? Well the answer is long and different for everyone but it all comes down to judgment of yourself.

Duality is judgment. Judgment of yourself and judgment of others. We use this judgment to compare ourselves to others and we find a bit of satisfaction in saying that I'm better than this person because..fill in the blank..

Part of my role, part of what is innate and easy for me is to see the larger picture of everything. I see what this and everything else is all about. I see why it is the way it is and what can be done differently. And there are many out there that don't care about the larger picture and like to focus on the details. My point with this is that my role and someone who likes to focus on details actually complement each other.

We are all the same energy, and everyone resonates with things differently than others. We are all the same energy yet at the same time, we are all very diverse in what we want to experience. This diversity is the whole point. Stop judging and comparing yourself to others and you will find that the diversity is all complementary to each other.

You have nothing to worry about as far as societal structures go. Everything is and has been changing for some time now. It is inevitable that our government fades away and something new comes into place. It has to and it will happen. My question to you is how much would you like to resist the change?

Discover yourself and who you are. You are the only thing that matters to you and this is the way it's supposed to be. When you are doing what you want, others that are doing the same join in the fun. Let go of the desire to change others for this is the hard way, this is the struggle. Change yourself and everything else will follow.


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