Stepping Stones of Understandings

My entire life, I set out looking for the truth. The truth about who I am, and what life is all about. I was always bewildered as to why so many people claim that they have the truth and yet their truth never fully resonated with me. And then one day I figured it all out!

The truth is that everyone is right and everyone is wrong all at the same time. It's all about perspective, how you're looking at it, and from where you are looking.

When I talk about from where you are looking and from what perspective, I am talking about from what stepping stone you are perceiving it all.

Every Understanding is a Stepping Stone to a Larger Understanding

Children perceive their entire reality to be their family, friends, and those around them within their purview. The further they go along their path through life, the larger and larger their perspective gets. Eventually they perceive themselves to live in a city, and then a country, and eventually they reach the point of grasping the concept of being a human playing on a ball shaped planet speeding through the galaxy.

Children and young adults are very used to jumping to the next and the next and the next stepping stone of understanding. But this funny thing happens to many of us once we reach a certain point in our lives.. We attach ourselves to certain understandings of what is, and we hold our ground. We take pride in that we understand what's up and we in a sense, close ourselves down to reaching further and further to the next best understanding, the even larger picture beyond what we currently grasp.

Absolutely everything in life, everything we perceive ourselves to be, everything we perceive the universe and consciousness to be, is simply a stepping stone to a larger understanding. Take a deep breath and "feel" this understanding come to you.

I Like to Share My Stepping Stones

I was talking to my friend the other day about the content on my website.. I jokingly said to her.. a lot of the older content on my website contradicts newer content I’ve written. ..We both already knew why that is but let me explain..

I started writing and sharing with the world on this website smack in the middle of my awakening process and at the time, I was jumping from stepping stone to stepping stone faster than ever in my life. So if someone reads my articles in order of oldest to most current, you would see how the content gets progressively more and more intense (for lack  of a better term).

My Time Playing in Metaphysics

I used to play in the metaphysical world a lot. All last year, I was diving deeper and deeper in my understandings, trying to figure it all out. Metaphysics was a stepping stone for me and I eventually reached a point earlier this year where I realized that I had moved beyond any stepping stones of understandings that are within the realm of metaphysics.

I now know that I took this path through the metaphysics world for very good reasons. I met very crucial people during that time and I collected puzzle pieces that eventually helped to create the complete picture (complete for now) that I see. Among many other reasons, my path went through metaphysics simply because it is currently the best, and largest accepted understandings as to what life is and who we are.

Story Time

Now let me share a few stories with you of what catapulted me out of and beyond metaphysics, beyond spirituality. A story about channeling and about The Managers - about how I realized what being everything means.

Starting last year I begun my process of realizing that I'm a channeler and have been channeling a whole gamut of different energies throughout my whole life. I used to sit down at my computer, meditate for a few minutes until I felt clear and then let the words flow out. This is how I perceived tapping into a channel worked, how I grasped the concept of channeling. And then one day all of that was thrown to the wind and I allowed myself to rapidly change channels mid-sentence, at the drop of a hat.

At the time I had a meetup group where people would come and relax in my living room and I would guide them through meditations. I knew I was channeling whatever I said but I doubted if it was always real and thought maybe I just had a script I'd gotten really good at. I was marginalizing myself just like we all do at times.

It was at this meetup group of mine that I met some very important people to me, one being my now close friend Kimba. Kimba and I met at the perfect timing when both of us were ready and wanting to jump forward with our understandings and boy did we do just that!

Through a funny circumstance of me being confused and not knowing what I was stepping into, I showed up one night to the psychic school that Kimba was attending. I thought that it was reading night and that we would all be practicing reading energy, but that's not what happened. I showed up and realized that it was a healing night and all of the students at the school were practicing their healing techniques with the public.

Kimba saw me immediately as I walked in the door and made sure that she was the one to do a healing on me. I was taken to a back room where the healing would be done and Kimba started waving her hands around me. At this point in my life no healing from another person had ever worked on me so I didn't expect anything. But this time was very different and the results of this healing was a huge sign to me to pay attention! There's a big reason why you two met!

Within the next few days after the healing I was hosting my meetup group and this session was drastically different than any I had ever done before. I sat in my chair in the front of my living room and found myself channeling information to the group about various topics. At the time, I referred to many of the energies that I access on a regular basis as angels. I allowed these energies to speak through me, announcing who they are and a short message they wanted to share with the group. Throughout this session, I switched up the channels more times than I could count. For instance, Yeshua would come through, the energy, the feel of the room would change, and by virtue of this everyone in the room was able to put a label of understanding on that unique energy. That night I channeled just about every angle I had ever heard of in my life. And Still to this day, I look back on that session with delight!

Kimba and I met for very specific reasons. We energetically attracted ourselves to each other because the path we were about to embark upon would not be very fun alone. And simply because we set it up this way.

Once Kimba and I started hanging out shortly after we met, we set out to figure some things out and together we would channel various different angles that we knew of. We would ask all sorts of questions and new energies would pop up from time to time and introduce themselves with a name and purpose. Just a few weeks after we were heavily diving into these new found resources through channeling to each other, these angels started telling us things that at first, we didn't really understand and didn't want to accept.

What We Told Ourselves


These angels were telling us to take them off the pedestals that we had placed them on.
They told us to stop anthropomorphizing (human-like-ing) them.
And they suggested we refer to them as our managers and explained why.
They explained to us that everything is energy, we are all energy, and that we are all everything.

This information took a while to sink in with us but we soon realized that this new understanding was catapulting us beyond the understandings of what many call metaphysics and spirituality.

You Are Your Own Higher-self


Religion, metaphysics, and spirituality all talk about the concept of a higher-self. These realms of understandings all talk about a larger, more powerful being that is above you and that you are here on this planet to learn how to be Love. What I discovered then, is that we are all our own higher-self and the idea of trying to figure out who your higher-self silly and just a game of comparison and judgment.

Through channeling our managers, we moved into and owned the understanding that we are already Love and always have been. Love is the container that holds everything and to think that one thing is Love and another is not, is simply duality and playing with the concepts of right and wrong - judgment.

You are everything and the whole point of life is to experience yourself - not to follow some path of doing what is “right” and becoming "enlightened". It's all perspective and when you take the judgement out of your perspective, this is what you get.

You & Everyone Else is Perfect Just Where You / They Are

Coming full circle with this article, what I wish to convey to you, my whole point is that wherever you are with your understandings, whatever you believe yourself and life to be, is perfect for you and where you are right here right now.

The concept of angels is a very useful stepping stone for many to understand that there is so much more out there than you've ever thought possible. The concept of having a higher-self is another one of these very useful concepts. However what I have to offer to you is to take a step back every so often and ask yourself if what you believe still resonates with you, or maybe you feel there is more to the story, more understandings to be had.

You are everything. Anything that limits who you are down to a portion of this everything, is a stepping stone. Everything is a stepping stone...even what I understand...stepping stones.

When you are of the perspective that everything is a stepping stone, this allows for you to let go of the judgment towards others and where they are with their understandings. All that you have control over is you. And when you own who you are, you will realize that this control of yourself is greater than ever imagined.  

And to close I would like to offer to you one of my most common phrases.. Take what resonates with you, and throw the rest out.


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