Take Your Power Back by Cutting Unhealthy Cords

We are first and foremost energy beings. We create and send energetic signals and strings to people when we think about them. It is when we imbue our energies with theirs that we create cords that energetically tie us and the other person. Some people are so strong with their energy that their cords can be considered cruse ship size

Cords are not inherently negative and when used appropriately they can be of benefit. But if the cord involves attachment to past creations that no longer serve you in your present now, you should consider cutting it.  

Choose to be conscious of your cords. If you find yourself thinking about someone without knowing why, chances are this is due to the cord you have attached to them. Get into the habit of noticing these cords and asking the question, is this a beneficial cord, or it it one I should let go of? Does it feel good to you or does it cause you fear or pain?

Cords have two ends. Choose to keep your power; do not victimize yourself by thinking that the other must release so that you may do the same. You control your filter that defines what gets through to you. Define with the universe what energies you wish to let in. 

Seattle, Washington - Summer 2010

An Exercise of Release:

Sit or lay in a comfortable position and listen to soft music if you choose. Focus on and see yourself laying in a safe and serene environment. Feel the love of that which you are surrounding and imbuing your body. If you are open to this, ask your guides to assist you and surround you with love. Let your intuition take you to the place on your body that you have placed the cord that is no longer beneficial. You may suddenly think about or feel a sensation in your heart or elsewhere. This is your intuition telling you where the cord is. Focus on and see the cord in your mind. See yourself reaching in as close to your body as your can (use your mind to energetically extend your fingers into your body if you like) and rip the cord out. See yourself throwing the cord and feel and see it turn into light. obliterate it. Always do what feels right to you in the moment. Make sound effects if that makes sense.

Next, focus on your filter, see it as a force field that surrounds you. With your focused intent, grow your force field strong. See it thicken in your mind. Use your imagination along with your intuition to do what feels right. Intently build the thickness and strength of your force field daily until you feel your filter working as desired.  

Depending on the strength of the attachment, this process of cutting and then building and defining your filter may take some time. Be easy on yourself. If you find yourself re-attaching the cord, know that it is okay and that this too is part of the process of defining your filter. The best part about all of this is that once you clearly define your filter you won't have to think about it again. You have expressed to the universe what you want and the universe will respond accordingly by sending different experiences to you.  

Choose to filter rather than to close down. Choose to experience benevolence. Choose to experience joy. Choose to experience love.

The more that we cut the cords of unhealthy attachment, the more we send love to ourself, the more we become more of that which we truly are - love.