Choose to See Your Beauty Within

Arundina Bambusifolia

When I was consciously remembering how to interact with energies again in this lifetime I went through a period where it seemed like I noticed everyones problems. I would walk down the street and see peoples energy not fully in their body, I would see areas of pain and fear in various forms of energy patterns. I was thankful for this and used it to practice my abilities.

It was several months later looking back that I realized that I was no longer seeing peoples problems the way I once did. I changed my perspective and my experience was different now. I had realized that my focus had also changed from one of looking for problems to one of seeing love. I now tend to focus more on seeing ones pure potential rather than their current opportunities. This also changed that way I do energy work.

As you expand your awareness, you change and your tools should too. Continue to allow more into your experience and do not become attached. Stay open to new ways of perceiving and know that as you speed your vibration you will naturally no-longer resonate with old energies.

Yeshua, myself, and the rest of the group of souls that came to this planet during that time taught that you have the power to heal yourself, if you simply believe you do. We healers hold this vibrational space for others. We offer energetic vibrations that others can heal themselves with if they so choose.  

Should you choose to see your beauty within, you will start to see the world through Joy and Love. You will find yourself seeing beauty in everyone and everything. Choose to see your world through the perception of Joy and Love and find the peace that you have longed for.

Peter OnanComment