Viewing Life Through the Perception of Non-judgment

This game we are in requires one to take a step back and look at the larger picture sometimes. The perception of non-judement is one of those. If you can truly look at the world and your life as a game that you chose to play, and that you have the power to choose something different, you can heal any problem you may have. Because these problems are not really problems. Start today and look at your problems as opportunities. Opportunities for expansion, growth, and becoming more of who you truly are. 

For example, somewhere in my childhood I took on the perception that crows are bad birds. Then one day in my twenties I was at work and my colleague was talking about how she loved crows. I immediately started asking myself why I didn't like crows. I came to the conclusion that I have no reason to dis-like them, so by default I started liking them again. I know this might sounds silly but think about all the perceptions that you once held that you now think are silly. If you actively think about it for a few minutes, I'm sure you'll be able to make a list.

Viewing the world non-judgmentaly is the same as believing that you and I are perfect just the way we are in every moment. Our world and every situation, every person, every animal, is perfect right now in this moment. How does this feel to you? If it feels warm and fuzzy and wonderful, you are already on a path towards love. If this sounds crazy or impossible to you, ask yourself why you have resistance towards loving yourself. 

Spiritual teachers have been telling us for millenniums that if you want to understand the outside world, you must go within. Many of us look at this in confusion, maybe think about it a bit, but end up leaving it on the back burner in our minds. What going within truly means is an understanding that you are not a victim. Every experience, every moment that your reality exists here on earth, you create through the Law of Intention and Law of Attraction by the perception of your reality that you choose.  

Start today. Tell yourself a new story. "I am the creator of my reality, and it is though my choices and perceptions I hold that I create my life". If you are like I was and love to think things to death, you may have resistance to this. If this is you, choose to focus more on your feelings. How does the above statement feel to you. Do you resonate with it? Another tip for the thinkers is to dive into the abundant resources on the internet. Simply searching for Law of Attraction on youtube is bound to give you days worth of material. And don't stick with one source, keep searching and follow your intuition. Notice the commonalities. Pay attention to how you feel when doing your research.  

If you find yourself in victim consciousness and want a new experience, the fastest and most effective way to jump into love is to love yourself. Here is an exercise that you can do at home or anywhere really. Do this exercise once a day or when you feel the need. Practice this as long as you continue to feel the need.    

Sit or lay in a quite space. Make yourself comfortable and put on some soft music if you like. Use your intuition (first to come to mind) to tell you the experience from your past to send love to. Place your hands on your heart, one on top of the other, and send love to your past self. Do this until you feel complete.

Now start perceiving the now you as who you are and the past you as experiences that you once had. Nothing more. Let go of your past and live in the Now. Because right  now is what matters 

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