Awaken from Your Attachment

Attachment. What is it and why does it seem so hard to release?

Attachement is an experience that we created in order to experience the emotions associated with it. Many of us living in this time period chose to experience attachment prior to coming here. 

When seen from a higher perspective, attachment is simply a game of catch and release. Problem is many of us have taken upon ourselves to cling onto our creations for fear that we cannot create anew - this does not leave room for the release part of the cycle.

In my late teenage years, I decided to take on the experience of attachment to coffee. I religiously drank my cup of joe each morning for over ten years. Then I chose to pay more attention to my body and I started noticing how sensitive I was to any caffeine at all. I decided to tapper myself down over the period of about a month. It was at the end of this month that I stopped all caffeine. I felt like I was the walking dead. Half asleep all day long. Then it came to me through the words of a friend. I had a belief that I could not wake up without caffeine. Wow. I got it! I proclaimed to the universe that I was awake. Sending the energy out my heart and power chakras, I was now awake and remain to this day.

Let go of your fear that you cannot create anew. Choose to see the ever-flowing stream of creation that is you. When we hold on to our creations, we block this stream and prevent our abundance from flowing. Revel in your creations. Give them love and set them free. Let the natural expansion of life take ahold and see them bloom.   

Release of attachment can be a thrilling experience. That sudden moment when you feel the release can be a pleasure unlike which you have ever experienced. You may find yourself in a daze basking in your experience. I challenge you to find one attachment you hold, ask yourself what the attachment is telling you. Make a commitment to choose to release it and take your power back. You never know, you may find yourself releasing more often.