Accepting Love

Love is a Force that is Always Present

Giving to and accepting love from yourself is crucial to being at peace within. When we are in habit of loving ourself, we are open to receiving the energies of love from others. 

Many do not realize that the core of all their frustration, discomfort, or dis-ease comes from lack of loving ones self. You might think you love yourself fully at first thought but if you ever have thoughts of getting something wrong, not being good enough, or similar, you should reconsider.  

I am on a journey to become love. I decided this last year during a gathering I was co-hosting at my home. Ever since then I have been discovering more and more about being that which we all are at a higher level. 

To embrace love we need to let go of our fear. Fear of abandonment, fear of not being good enough, fear of our creations and so on. Change your perceptions to see your past creations as simply an experience that you once created. Do not judge yourself or anyone else. If you do this, you have released your attachment and you are free.

Let go of the fear and be open to receiving that which you are at a higher level. Choose beliefs that build you up and reinforce the power within you. Choose to take that step towards loving you. Choose a perception of reality that allows you to accept that which is ever-present - Love energy.

Peter OnanComment