Change Your Perception & Change Your Reality

We, as the individual aspect of our soul, came into this life to experience and play. There is no such thing as right or wrong and every situation we create is simply an experience at a higher level.

This can be hard to accept if you've never thought about it before. And it might take you awhile to integrate but somewhere in you, if you're paying attention, this resinates with you at the deepest levels. If taken in and integrated into your belief systems, this reality can set you free and change your entire life. There are no victims and life is a game that is meant to be fun. 


I love aha moments. Especially when they're regarding something you've been actively thinking about for months.  I recently had one of those moments regarding perception. I let go of my grip on resistance and found myself shifting. Since then I've found many of my perceptions shifting and I love it.

Perception shifts can be life and reality changing for us if we choose. 

Perception may just be the most powerful tool that we have in this game. We are entirely responsible for the perceptions that we hold and when we accept this, we stand tall and accept our power.

Your perception of reality can be the difference between believing the world is in despair and dis-ease is rampant, verses the world is perfect just the way it is and love is ever-present.  What kind of reality do you choose? 

Take this new found power through choosing your perception and see life through non-judgement. Because this is how you truly expand and speed your vibration. 

Choose to be Joy, Choose to be Love, Choose your Experience.