Your Government is Not What You Think — Being Pushed to Awaken to Self

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Humanity is awakening. It’s happening before our eyes and to a trained observer, this is obvious. If you believe the world is going to hell in a hand basket, I’m sorry. Sad for you to have those beliefs and the personal-reality you create by virtue. There is a flip-side to this however, and that is the Love perspective.

From a certain perspective, one could say that our government is more corrupt than ever before. Is it? Or is what’s really going on, is the veil of truth is being lifted and the ‘what is’ is now much more obvious, much more in our face, much easier to realize?

Many of the perceived problems and issues within the structure of our governments that are now obvious to the masses, are not new. Many of these problems have been going on, or in the works, for fifty, one hundred, or even more years.

To use our monetary system as an example, the issues of life becoming more and more regressive for the masses, is something that started long long ago and has been thoughtfully designed as a mechanism for you to awaken to your true power within.

What? A mechanism for us to awaken? How is all the bullshit that’s going on a good thing?

It’s a good thing because now you’re more aware of the reality you’ve created by your lack-based thoughts, beliefs and actions. What? I didn’t create this reality! …okay then, life will continue to mirror to you until you see the truth and you awaken with the realization of who you are, the creator of your own reality.

Many spiritual people use the term Light Worker to describe their inner-calling or drive to bring Light into this realm. And on the flip-side of this there are people who have an inner-calling to play out the role of a Dark Worker, the opposite. And these opposites to you and the drive that brought you forth into this physical realm, are doing you a huge service. They are showing you who you are Not so that you will eventually accept who you are, Love, Light and the knowledge of this grand plan playing out currently.

Many Light Workers have a tendency to play small and to shrink themselves around those who use Old Paradigm Energies to power over others. We do this because we have come into a world where the dominant force, for thousands of years, is that of the Dark, lack of knowledge as to who you are. This realm is due for transcendence through and out of the Dark and this is exactly what is happening Now. We are exiting the Dark Ages and Moving into a new Age of Enlightenment.

It is the role of the Dark to mirror to you who you Are Not, so that eventually you will have the courage to start your process of bringing forth the infinite power from within you and to radiate the opposite, that which you are, that which you came here to represent, that which is your infinite Light, Knowledge, Love and Beingness that shifts this realm in radical ways when utilized fully.

I am someone, in this lifetime, who’s not afraid of venturing into taboo topics and my body of work so far shows that clearly. Probably the most taboo topic that is currently coming to the surface is sex-trafficking and pedophilia. More than ever before, the Light is being shined upon so-called-pedophiles within the realm of government and politics in the United States and elsewhere. The essence of these reports are not false. And this has been going on for much longer than you may think.

Let’s take a step back and examine this from the larger picture of Consciousness and the reality of who we all are as well as how this all ties into the waking up of Humanity.

The concepts of Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, are fundamental to our growth and these concepts provide elementary foundations for living in a reality of perceived others. “Do unto others that which you would do to you.” This is probably the greatest lesson from the concepts of Right and Wrong and a steppingstone of growth for Souls in Bodies to learn while in this realm.

This time that we are currently traversing through, this time of rapid ascension and awakening to who we are at deep fundamental levels, comes with assistance from the whole, to awaken the individual, You. Ever heard the term, Poking the Bear? We’re all being poked these days to awaken from our shadows we’ve created within us. To shine light on the remaining parts of us that are less-evolved and to push us towards remembrance, remembrance of who we truly are and the infinite power we hold within, to create the life and the world we desire. Consciously.

Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, is the label for a worldview and this worldview is, for lack of better words, a lower level of consciousness. Worldviews are the overarching beliefs and structure of reinforcing thought that creates the perceived reality that an individual lives within. When we transcend this worldview and move into higher levels of consciousness, we don’t necessarily throw all we once believed in into the trash, we take what still has value, we take what continues to be useful to us and we move forward integrating the new with the old. All while letting go of parts of our old worldview that are no longer necessary or compatible for the much more expansive view on life we now hold as truth. You are being asked to do this right now.

The uncovering of, the shinning of the Light and Truth on these pedophilia rings all around Earth is something that has been divinely planed and laid out for not all, but for many many Souls in Bodies to be pushed to awaken. To be pushed to evolve their consciousness, to remember who they are by seeing the opposite being shoved in their face. What better way to awaken your stubbornness, than to push you to remember who you are. What better way to get you to rise up from within and stop playing small, than to trigger you with your most limiting beliefs on life and Self.

Let’s talk about these children now. As someone who’s experienced much childhood trauma and incest and someone who chose, over and over and over again, the path of healing and evolving through the experiences, I feel that I have some experiential ground to stand on while talking about this. Add to that my vast knowledge of Self through my own spiritual discovery and you get someone such as myself who is willing to listen to and act upon the calling to explain this all to you.

From my perception, this realm we reside in with our meat suits is one that we make plans for, choose roles, and decide what we wish to bring forth within, prior to plunging a part of our consciousness into our mothers womb and beginning the cycle, yet again, of Being Human.

These children came here to play a role of aiding in the awakening of Humanity during this time of rapid acceleration and shifts into a new era. These children may have meat suits that are small and can be labeled as a child however, it is my firm belief that these children are backed up by massively expansive and powerful Higher Selfs that guide and assist them daily. These children are Wise Old Souls who have chosen to give Humanity a gift by helping to push those yet awakened to their truly infinite Self. Many of these children will not live long lives this time around and they will choose to leave once they’ve done their part. Many of them will choose to do the opposite and to harness their infinite strength and power to evolve beyond, to create a life that transcends their old wounds and to move forward, healed.

Send your Light and Love to these children. Honor their grand role in the awakening of humanity and thank them for their service. See them as the infinitely powerful Souls they truly are.

Now let’s talk about the path of healing on an Earth-wide scale as it relates to this topic that is so shocking, disgusting, and unimaginable to so many. —One of the big reasons why I’m so clear and confident around all this is because I’ve gone through my own healing, I’ve channeled that anger, I’ve told my family off, and I took my power back from the experiences of my past. And after I did all that, I remembered my agreeing to it all.

Adults having non-consensual, forced sex with children is unacceptable. I believe the over-whelming majority of humans hold this to be truth. Therefore, it is our job currently as humanity, to stand up and state this as our truth. It’s unacceptable and it must stop now. Are you aware of the fact that there have been more than 1,500 arrests since Trump was inaugurated? This is a good thing!

Next steps on a mass scale: Rain in Justice and begin the process of reconciliation, integration and healing. Humanity has an opportunity at this time to stand up for what it chooses to accept. And we all have the opportunity in our face to stop playing small. We, the masses, are the ones with the true power and it’s time we take that power back from the shadows where we left it.

These people who have been abusing children need to be held accountable as a means of Healing on a mass scale.

And then comes your part in this all. Forgiveness. Pedophilia is an illness and it would really behoove you to see it this way. For every person who commits an act so horrid, several horrid things have happened to the perpetrator in the past and these experiences remain unhealed. If we were to examine these, again, Souls in Meat Suits who have committed these acts, we would find many experiences where the now perpetrator, was victimized themselves. It’s an illness, a shadow, a lack-of-knowing who they truly are. Hurt people hurt people.

These people who have been victimized themselves, who are now projecting those hurt-parts of themselves onto others, have been damaged, have been deranged from the truth of who they are. Did you know that science, within the field of epi genetics, now teaches us that our brains are in a state of consciousness from birth to 7-10 years old, that is likened to a sponge? This is reality for all of us and this sponge state is where the majority of who we think we are, much of our personalities and traits, come from. They come from the period of life where we are vacuuming up our surroundings and transferring it all into our subconscious that in turn, drives our reality and life itself as an adult. Research Dr. Bruce Lipton if you want to learn more.

Forgiveness is our next steps and for some this will be difficult. Forgiveness on this level requires forgiveness of Self and all the shadows of judgment towards Self you’ve been ignoring. It’s time to forgive ourselves for the many parts of Self that we have been judging for so long.

As Light Workers, it is our job to forgive, to bring the light and to, without bias or judgment, assist others to heal. This reminds me of a tribe in Africa where when a member of the tribe does something awful, instead of shunning, othering and pushing them away, the entire tribe units, encircles them with Love and doesn’t stop until the person accepts themselves and heals. This is an example of what Light Workers are being called to service for at this time.  

The time is Now, to shin your Light, to encircle the Judged, to bring forth Justice and to Forgive Radically.

Why so many pedophiles in government and politics? Leverage. Choosing people who have deep dark shadows to play your roles as puppets for your plans, brings much influence and control over your chosen puppets. If you haven’t realized it yet, our government was cooped many many years ago by a group of people that have been referred to with various labels over the years. The Illuminate, The Cabal, The Deep State, are but a few of these labels used to describe my chosen label of Dark Workers, the opposite to the Light Workers.

Fear around this topic is not an option as a Light Worker. And if you’re feeling fear, this is a fear of yourself and the infinite power you hold within you, that you have been hiding from, many times as a way to play small and to fit in, in an old paradigm of Dark and lack-of-knowledge. The time is now that we let go of our fear of Self and the infinite power we hold within. Light IS knowledge and you are a bringer of Light. When we are informed and empowered by our own Light, our own Knowledge of who we are, and the drive that brought us forth into this realm, nothing can stop us. For we are here to flip the light switch on and by virtue of being ourselves, Light, Darkness has no choice but to fade away.