Who is the Decider?


Who is the Decider of the Perception you hold on life?
Is it a label created through an old system?
A commonly held societal belief?
Your parents?
Your partner?

Who is the Decider of how you see, feel and understand the experiences you experience?
Is it a textbook you read in college?
Is it the field of psychology?
Maybe the field of science?
How about your intellect?

Who gets to decide how life is expressed through you, how you label it and how you explain it through words?

You are the only One who can decide how you experience life.
You are the only One who can decide what it means.
You are the only One who can decide the definition.
You! ARE the Decider!

*Don’t let life gaslight on you*
Don’t let the old paradigm tell you what your new paradigm experience means to you.
Don’t let people-yet-to-awaken dictate what you see, feel, hear, taste, touch and know.
You’re so Much More Powerful Than That!

*Create your own labels*
*Create your own words*
*Define your life and what it means yourself!*

Stop denying your experience and speak your own truth!

You never know who or what you’ll attract to you…
Be Brave!!!
Shine your Light on this World!
– You’re the only one here anyway –