Waves of Divine Love Bathing Us Now

The Universe does not pick and choose, sift through and discriminate as to who is sent Energetic DNA Upgrades and who remains asleep. It is You! who is choosing how life plays out for you, You!

For years now, our Sun has been radiating and at times down-right blasting our solar system and us with specific waves of ascension energy, sometimes perceivable by current science, sometimes not....always felt by the in-tune "feelers" tho.

These waves and blasts of energy awaken and upgrade DNA at a root level.

One of these waves back in 2011 woke my ass up out of a deep sleep. It woke me up and activated abilities within me that are soooooo integral to how I live my day-to-day life now that I simply cannot imagine life without anymore. Sorta like a born-blind person suddenly seeing for the first time. No-one would want to go back into being blind at that point. And prior to seeing, you had no idea how amazing, how much more expansive life would be once you are able to see – that type of experiencing is simply not in your conscious awareness…yet. But you did have a desire for more and that my friend, is the key – where your power is.

These are just a few examples of what is possible through these ascension waves bathing Earth with Divine Love right Now.

These waves are a HUGE part of how we ascend/evolve at a planetary and individual level. However, I’m warning you, be aware of the slippery slope of lack-based programing from the old paradigm that makes up this image or concept of this all being out of your control, being done to you, rather than by you and for you.

Souls wishing to be and focused upon being saved/rescued will forever stay in a perpetual state of lack and dis-empowerment until the day they consciously choose to flip that switch and walk the path of more and more empowerment.

As mentioned above, in 2011 I intensely, quickly woke up to a much more expansive reality I’d yet to experience in this lifetime, however this is not where the chain-of-events started. And it all started with ME making a conscious choice. It all really started back in 2007 when I chose to do the scariest thing to me at the time and that was to sell my house and move away, by myself, away from the area I grew up in and everyone I knew. Then two years later in 2009 I consciously chose to, regardless of what it was going to take of me, to pull myself out of the deeply embedded lack-programming I’d been living with my entire life thus far. Again, I chose to follow my heart, to leave my career, to move yet again and 2,700 miles away to a place that would be the incubator for becoming who I now am. THOSE choices (and many more along the way) that I made put me into the queue where in perfect timing my DNA would be activated by upcoming solar waves of Divine Light. I made that happen. It did not happen to me. It was a choice and I made the choice of more Love, more Empowerment, more Responsibility over my reality and how I experience life itself.

It is 100% within Your abilities to influence, decide and choose how these waves affect You.

It is 100% your responsibility to choose what path you take, what parallel reality you pop into, which path you merge into at the fork on the road called life.

There are no wrong choices however don’t let that fool you into thinking that your decisions or lack of decisions, whatever they may be, are not powerful and don’t affect the direction of your life dramatically –– because they do.

Right here right Now, Today, Humanity has an issue with focusing on the destruction of the Old Paradigm more so than the New World emerging, being created by us Now. The Truth, even if you’ve yet to notice, is that the dominance on this planet is now that of positive, light, love. If you’ve got your head (focused awareness) stuck in the sewer system watching the old paradigm wash down the drain, you’re not going to realize this.

Focused awareness onto the vibrations of shit, crap, and the sewer system of life is a habit. You have the power to change any habit within you and no-one can do this for you. You can and will receive tons of assistance, but you have to drive your own car, your personal reality, your life. Wanting a savior whether this comes in the form of desiring the system to change so that you can feel better, wanting someone else to drive your car while you’re pulled around life or whatever it may be, this is an act done by you, a choice to further sustain a dis-empowered experience called your life.

You Don’t Need Anything to Change to Change Your Focus, to Change Your Reality.
Conditions are B.S.
You’re Much More Powerful than Conditions.

You Are Everything and All that Is!
You Are God.
Now is the time to wake up and remember this infinite Truth of who you are.

Focus yourself, like your life depended on it, because it DOES, on everything your heart desires. If this is difficult for you, write a list of do-not-wants and then take these and flip them into positives, what you do want. Focus on these desires and expect them to emerge from you in perfect timing with the best possible outcome for you and your life.

Do Your Work.
No-one else can do it for you.

The CHOICES YOU MAKE and where you place your FOCUS dominantly on a day-to-day basis DIRECTLY DETERMINES HOW THESE WAVES AFFECT YOU. It’s a choice, even if you don’t realize it yet.

And get ready for a WILD RIDE!!!