Think You’re awake? Think again

Do you realize that all life is, is a story? A story that we have collectively agreed to and supported through our thoughts, our focus, our beliefs and actions. The current story of humanity that we’ve all been playing out is that of a master and slave. You may not think of yourself as a slave however, if you’ve bought into the old story, you are. —Don’t freak out— Playing the role of slave is an integral part of our spiritual growth and it’s not such a ‘bad’ thing when you’re within the energy of Unity viewing the grand plan. Whether or not your personal story includes a salary and benefits along with your slave package, the truth still remains that this old story is limiting, archaic, and full of holes just like swiss cheese.

Religion is not a ‘Bad’ thing; it’s a stepping-stone of spiritual and psychological development that is appropriate or not, depending upon who and where you are within your unique story, that is ultimately an integral part of the whole. Religion has many lasting truths that can be carried forward as part of the personal transcendence of the old model. We learn from religions that it is better to be peaceful and love thy neighbor rather than hate and kill them… This is a good thing! Religion in general has many great aspects that can be carried forward as you evolve on your personal path, so to is the same for the religion of Science and the stories we’ve been told over the decades and centuries of so-called-Science becoming the guiding force for ‘what is real’.

In mainstream culture, Science is supposedly the Truth with a capital T beyond the understandings of religious beliefs and principles. Science is marketed as the new story of humanity and life itself. But is it? Or is it simply an integral part of the whole, just like Religion?

Just like Traditional Religions, the Religion of Science has dogma and anointed prophets, chosen spokesmen that followers lean on and attach to. The funny thing about Science is that you can cherry-pick studies and theories, string them all together to create a story and then call this story Reality and Truth. The buck stops here. This is it and it is real. Or is it? This sounds like Religion too. What religious person follows their religion literally. No-one. You can’t. Religion is full of cognitive dissonance and so to of the mainstream Religion of Science. All so-called religious people have a cherry-picked story (usually from the Bible) that the person accepts as Truth of their reality. Religion and Science are like Swiss Cheese, full of holes and conflicting information.

The big problem with Education these days is that someone other than yourself is choosing what information is fed to you. Not literally one person and really it’s a story that has been chosen for you, to be fed to you, as the Truth of What Is. Groups of people that proclaim to be the deciders of truth have been choosing the story you are fed in these so-called schools. And this has been going on for much longer than you have been alive in this particular lifetime.

It’s no-ones fault that this is what has been going on and any anger or distress that may come up for you with this topic is your opportunity-in-your-face to Love and Let Go. This is all part of the evolution of humanity and the free-will of all souls. You chose to come here into this physical realm called Earth and you knew damn well that it would all be a challenging mind-game for you to traverse through, making choices in each moment towards what you choose to partake in and experience.

Life is a big game of remembering who you are, why you’re here and playing out those desires that brought you forth. Currently, the majority of Humans on Earth are within a cocoon of inaction, processing and integrating, preparing for the next steps of their unique and individual next stage of personal evolution. Much has changed over the last several months, especially if you reside within the United States. Your Soul is preparing you for your next steps and they are huge.

This is a time of hibernation, a time of reconciliation and discernment. Humans are full of cognitive dissonance at this time as the old story of humanity fights to cling on and to stay. All the while, a new story is emerging. This story IS within you, waiting to emerge. Release, Let Go, and choose to Surrender your old stories on a conscious level. If you sincerely choose this as a process for you right now, your path will be quickened and your fog will lift. We are being pushed to release right now and we all have the individual, free-will choice of going with the flow of these Universal shifts toward more enlightenment or not. I cannot promise you freedom if you choose the latter.

Humanity is Waking Up. We are experiencing the most massive wave yet, of Souls in Bodies waking up to the false truths of the status quo and the many limiting-Cult-like beliefs dressed with the labels of so-called Science and Truth.

This is your time. Your time is Now to awaken to your personal and individually unique discernment on life and what is. The time is Now to stop believing in ideas and concepts that ‘feel off’ to you, that do not fully resonate and create a feeling of Yes! in your heart. It is better to have no beliefs than to have ones that limit you and the possibilities for your individual life.

The old story of learning and education is being replaced by individual-driven models that are unique to the one seeking. No more will the old model of each person being rubber-stamped with a cookie-cutter package of programing suffice. We are all different, all unique and all of us have our own truths that work for where we are on our unique Soul-Journey through life.

The new model is one of independence and freedom, to discover and explore that which resonates with you, that which makes you glow. The new model respects and honors the personal-intuition each individual is born with and gives space for the freedom of choice as to what this individual chooses as their truth, as their path of exploring life.

So are you Awake? Am I?
Not really. But we all ARE Waking Up.
Good Morning, Old Soul.
I have always Loved You and I Always Will.