The Empowered Empath

A healthy and empowered empath, someone with the super-human ability called clairsentience has abilities, talents, gifts, and superpowers, that many don’t (those who don’t likely have other abilities tho).

Most people when they talk about clairsentience or being an empath, the conversation tends to circle around a pile of crap, a bunch of do-not-likes and do-not-wants all with an underlying energy of paranoia and fear for protection from Self. I’m not going to do that here. Rather, I’d like to talk a bit about what it’s like being an empowered and healthy empath and why your gift really is a gift.

People who’s clairsentience is turned on, certain DNA activated, people who manage and shift energies as they come up, in an empowered way are literally changing this world through their gifts. And this is happening twenty-four-seven, all day every day.

When a healthy empath walks in the room, their energy reaches out and harmonizes the energetics of the room and therefor the people within. This does not negatively affect the empowered empath, they may feel or notice the shifting happening as it happens however, it’s much more of an automatic thing that “just is”, just ‘happens” and All is Well.

On a larger scale (perceived to be anyway), healthy empaths shift the energy of this world each and every day. They may feel a discord, they allow it in, they do-not-judge and by doing so, their superhuman abilities automatically transmute, upgrade, shift and harmonize all that shows up.

Healthy empaths take full and complete responsibility for all that shows up in their reality. They take care of themselves and they accept that this above anything else, is most important in their personal lives - self care. These healthy empaths focus on feeling good, on staying in a high vibrational state, so that when life calls on them for assistance, they’re able to help just as easily as most casually wash their hands.

Healthy empaths know that their continued growth, specifically the release of judgement to all things in life, is what keeps them progressing, what keeps them cool, comfortable and confident as an extreme feeler of life.  

When an empath is in a good mood, everyone notices. Good mood or not, empaths are some of the most influential people around. And their influence is not necessarily by being on stage which is not required at all. Empaths and their abilities affect everyone around them….and heres a secret…they do this regardless of how aware or empowered they are with their abilities.

Empowered empaths are some of the worlds greatest healers. They have compassion for life but at the same time don’t put up with B.S…. because they’ve walked that path, they recognize it for what it is and they cannot deny the truth of what is, their perception and what they feel/see from the “higher-level” that is being an empowered clairsentient.

Empaths cannot be lied to. They see through that crap…or rather “feel” through it. As an empath, communication is much more expansive, more “multi-dimensional” than just words, speaking and listening. Empaths experience either harmony or discord simultaneously during the communication process. They feel whether truth is being spoken and they feel honesty, authenticity and integrity, as well as the opposite when it shows up.

Being an empath means that you have the ability to truly witness another persons experience. This is what leads to true compassion and love for others of which healthy empaths have so much of to give.

And above all else (what I find to be the most fun anyway), healthy empaths have the ability to experience life with intense and deeply felt and ever expanding love. This one, when I really feel into this, well…. It’s hard to put words to it really. It’s the most beautiful experience for me ever when I use my abilities to expand my heart and love myself and this world.

I sincerely hope that this short writing has helped you to see why clairsentience/ empathic abilities are truly a gift, a much needed gift and talent that this world is asking for more of each day. Whether or not you are on your path of empowering yourself through your abilities, it is my desire that you find the peace, clarity, harmony and confidence you seek to live the best life possible for you.

Being sensitive is not a negative, it means that your DNA is activated in specific areas that make you who you are in this life. Your abilities are likened to fancy, super-high-tech and expensive equipment. Sensitivity is a positive thing. And once you get yourself on a path of empowerment life only gets easier to manage and create.

I love you.
Reach out if you “feel” I can help.