The Collective Habit of Pushing Back at Teachers

Leading into and setting up this topic, I’d like to share with you an excerpt from the book: No mind, I am the self: The lives and teachings of Sri Lakshmana Swamy and Mathru Sri Sarada by David Godman. You can find the book here.

Towards the end of the 1960s Swamy developed problems with his digestion. A doctor whom he consulted attributed it to poor diet and lack of exercise. He recommended that Swamy go for a long walk every day. Swamy, now less concerned about staying away from the public, accepted the advice and took Nama for a daily walk to a small forest about a mile away. It was the first time that Swamy had moved freely in the local area since his return to Gudur in 1950. The local people in Chillajur were shocked. In their view yogis should meditate all say and not go out for walks with a dog. They decided that Swamy had fallen from his high state and they started to turn against him. His popularity and reputation plummeted as the locals spread malicious rumors about him; one rumor even suggested that he went to the forest every day for a secret assignation with a woman. The villagers’ malevolence didn’t stop at the rumor and gossip, they actually started a campaign of physical harassment. When Swamy went for his walk he used to sit on a sandy patch in the forest. One say he looked at his usual seat and knew intuitively that it has been booby-trapped in some way. He selected a different spot and say down. Nama, meanwhile, had gone to the original sandy patch and had started to do some digging. Swamy noticed that third twigs had been buried just below the surface of the sand; had he say down there he would have impaled himself on the thorns. The local shepherds joined in the campaign against him and they used to deliberately drive their flocks of sheep and goats at Swamy in an attempt to impede his progress. Nama usually came to his rescue by chasing the animals away. The shepherds pretended to be very indignant about this and threatened to kill his dog if he didn’t keep it under control.
Not all the people he met on his walks thought badly of him – some of his Gudur devotees came to have hi darsham while he was in the forest – but his walks were interrupted so many times by ill-mannered and ill-intentioned people that after once year he gave them up. From that time on he restricted himself to walks inside his garden.

Deeply seeded within our collective consciousness is this energy that fights back when people we've put onto pedestals don't act the way we expect them to. Especially those we refer to as teachers. Especially the teachers who seemingly present paradox while teaching about life. This is the same energy that created the crucifixion of Christ. More times than not, we are unconscious to this seemingly automatic belief/habit/reaction of placing certain people 'above' us and our automatic reactions that come through our triggers of lack (untruth) being poked within us.

This is the energy of Self-Sabotage from evolving, the ego, illusions of lack within us that we believe (due to habit) is our truth. Energy of 'protection' and the desire to protect the current manifested reality like a leprechaun latching onto gold out of fear. Energy that fights those who choose to leave the clan of acceptable behavior or beliefs to create anew. Until transcended, we all have this energy within us, this energy is deeply embedded within the collective consciousness of humanity and it’s purpose is to teach you who you are.

When we seek to be 'saved' by 'another' we are focusing on illusions of lack within us, ego yet to be respected for it’s power, loved and released into the infinite light we are. Desire for a savior or to be a savior yourself can only manifest from the mind-trap that is Victim Consciousness, this lower level of consciousness who’s manifestations can be found throughout the current physical reality and often controls the belief systems of individuals all around.

Manifested through Victim Consciousness are the roles of Victim, Perpetrator and Rescuer. This IS the old and tired lower level of consciousness that we're all evolving through and transcending during this time of transformation in this reality called Earth. This transcendence is the reason many souls have incarnated into bodies at this time and why humanities population is at an all-time high - to take part of this grand shift of humanity growing into adulthood.

This shadow dynamic coming to the surface at this time is being called through you, the receiver and attractor of this manifestation of information Now. Once we're awakened, we cannot go back to sleep. Once we're aware, we don't go back into unawareness. It's just how this thing called evolution works - the piercing of the vail.

What can we do/be to integrate this awareness into our conscious mind and to harness our power more fully? What can we shift so that this collective human habit of crucifying teachers, the other half of the co-creation initiated by the student, the seeker, ceases to re-manifest?

Responsibility: When we claim ownership of our lives we release all others from responsibility we’ve unconsciously given out over our reality. When we accept that life channels through us, not to us, we recognize that there is nothing outside of us and we mature.

When we claim full responsibility of our reality, we claim our vibration and we begin to make sense of how we manifested this or that or whatever into our reality. We must claim responsibility over our individual realities that we all create. For to not do this, we perpetuate the further recreation of the vicious cycle of lack coming from within us and mirroring to us. This is the reason why we have systems of governments that treat the population as children - because we’ve yet to claim who we truly are, we’ve yet to emerge into adulthood.

Reconstruct the definition of the teacher/student dynamic: Have you ever found yourself in frustration proclaiming ‘just tell me what to do’? We all have and the truth is that no-one can tell you what to do but yourself and no-one knows your path like you and your Higher-Self does. You are an individuated point of consciousness. You are everything and all that is while at the same time participating through your focused awareness within a game of being an individual, a unique fish in a sea of billions. You are meant to be unique and by virtue, no-one knows what’s best for you but you. And you learn what is best for you through teaching yourself the tool of discernment.

You are a teacher to those you interact with while simultaneously being a student to life. We all are. The label of teacher or student for that mater could use some redefining within us all. In fact most of our labels are due for redefinition because as you exit victim consciousness everything and all understandings raise to a higher level of awareness a higher level of consciousness. We rise to the surface and we see a whole new reality. And what we once thought to be truth, now has a whole new layer to it changing everything you thought you knew.

You are a magnet to all that is in alignment with your vibration and when information comes to you, through whatever means, it is always without a doubt your personal manifestation that you yourself created. You aligned yourself with a teacher who has a matching vibration to yours. A lock and a key coming together through attraction (through vibration) on both sides. When we choose to not own the reality of the above laid out dynamic, we disrespect our own power and we further perpetuate the cycle of being asleep to our true power of attraction and truth of being the creator of our reality. We move from seeking a ‘parent figure’ to tell us what to do with our life and we shift into an empowered state of knowing we are an adult and we’re just shopping around seeking what resonates knowing full well that when that manifestation shows itself, it is us who attracted it, it is us who created the experience by aligning our key to our door. The teacher is simply being the answer to that call, the call you initiated through the power of your desire.

Release the weighted heaviness/seriousness we may have about the path: Life is meant to be fun. We’re meant to dive into an explore the depths of our good in this reality and we’re meant to do this through joy. The contrast in life only exists as an option to be had and is there to teach us clarity on our path, clarity of who we are Not so that we can remember who we truly are beyond the meat suits we wear. When we take life so seriously we hold back our greatest joy and we make life a chore to be completed. Life is here Now. Heaven is here Now and it is our responsibility, not anyone else and especially not a teacher, to claim ownership and to steer our individual boats into the light that is ultimately who we all are.

I encourage discussion on this topic as a means of bringing the unconscious to the surface which enables all who choose to play, to create from a new level of clarity and empowerment knowing how this all works. so I ask, How Good Could it Get? How can we create empowered dynamics that hold space for transcendence, seeing all as the creator?