Self Healing via Triggers


Are you at a level in your evolution where you recognize your own energy?
Are you able to recognize when something is coming up to be healed?
Do you recognize those moments for what they are when they show up?

When you have shit to heal within you, life will trigger you.
Maybe you avoid opportunities to be triggered most of the time but regardless, these moments WILL sneak in. They have to. You want them to, promise.

When that moment hits you, your work is to face it.
Don’t run from it.
Don’t push it down or suppress it.
This is a gift staring you in the face.
This is what you want – It’s just wrapped in something that scares you currently is all.

Face it.
Fell it.
Allow it to wash over you.

We all have topics that make us nervous.
If you think you don’t, your ego is deceiving to you.
We all have baggage and we all have to face our shadows eventually.
Because this is how we grow.
This is how we empower ourselves.
This is how we release, clear and heal.
This is how we move into the life we truly want.

Wouldn’t you rather level-up and not feel uncomfortable when certain topics arise?

– What does being triggered look like?
It can look different with everyone and can look different with each topic.
It can look like suddenly feeling all pent up and flustered inside when a particular topic arises.
It can look like pain, sadness, depression..
It can look like ‘wanting to fight back like a fierce pissed off warrior’.
It can look like being offended.

The point is that the trigger suddenly shows up.
It’s not something you gradually brought yourself into necessarily.
Triggers happen quickly and can ‘come out of the blue’.

– What to do:
Face it.
Fell it.
Allow it to wash over you.
Sit with it.
Respect it for the power it currently has with you.

Customize this to work for you but here’s the gist of it…
Sit with it and use these affirmations.

Tell yourself the following:
I love you
I accept you
I respect you
I forgive you

Don’t just say it, say it with feeling, say it with meaning and intent.
Be authentic, otherwise it’s pointless and you might as well be running away.
REALLY, sincerely, with all your Being, Proclaim these affirmations:

I love you
I accept you
I respect you
I forgive you

If you do this, in-the-moment, when shit comes up for you..
..something magical starts to happen.  
Your ego starts to let go.
Your ego realizes it’s getting what it wants – love, respect, acceptance, forgiveness.
Your ego loosens it’s grasp, realizes you’re no longer fighting yourself but rather allowing and accepting healing to happen.
You release, you let go and you transform.

Try it out.
Don’t make this hard.
This is not hard.
But you must give yourself the respect you deserve and focus intently.

You’ve Got This!
Now Go Love Yourself!