Outside the Normal Box - Neurodiversity and Neuro-Uniqueness with Micki O'Brien M.A.

Alternative Education Leader, Micki O'Brien joins New Earth Messages for a conversation on Neurodiversity and Neurouniquness.

Neuro-divergent is someone who’s neurological functions significantly diverge from the dominant societal standard of normal.

Neuro-typical is someone who’s neurology fits within the dominant social standard of normal.

If you have ADHD, dyslexia, autism, anxiety, depression, if you have a head injury, if you meditate, if you’ve had a spiritual awakening, if you’re an amazing athlete or are able to get yourself into a flow state, all of these different altered states of consciousness or abilities to be in your consciousness, these all imply neurodivergence.

At least 30% of the worlds population is neurodivergent, probably 40% or more.

If you meditate you become neurodivergent.

Interview is about 30 minutes.