Harnessing the Power of Integral Theory: Quadrants of Development with Micki O’Brien M.A.

Alternative Education Leader, Micki O’Brien M.A. joins NEM for a conversation on Integral Theory and more specifically the Quadrants of Development within the theory.

Show Notes:
No-one is Bad, Broken or Wrong including You. Being able to understand where someone else stands, what their perspective is and how it’s different from yours and honor and respect them in that while at the same time honor and respect yourself, this is how understanding the basics of Integral Theory can help you to gain powerful leverage in your life.

Whether we’re talking about leadership in your own family or any leadership roles you may play in a group or in an organization or your work, Integral Theory helps you to be a better leader in life.

Integral Theory is such an incredible tool to use in relating to the political world so that you don’t have to get caught in the victim consciousness and the suffering and the focusing on what you don’t want.

We live in a beautiful world that is very interconnected and there is so much opportunity for us to connect and evolve and to celebrate being alive. And I have found Integral Theory is one of the best ways to bring me back to that center, that alignment and that connection.