Creditor versus Debtor - The Grand Reversal of the Roles with Robert Michael

Robert Michael joins NEM for a conversation on the concept of Creditor versus Debtor, where the vast majority of us fit into this equation and how the system was originally intended to be set up...Hint: the opposite of what it is now.

After you understand what a Birth Certificate really is (last week's Interview with Robert), this is your next step in understanding what's been going on and also what's in process of being fixed right here right now.

Show Notes:

The systems structure [commerce] has been reversed from it’s original intended purpose. What would the system look like flipped? What the system would look like flipped is we would have a medium of exchange that has actual value [unlike the current fiat system now].

The current system is setup as a bankrupt system.
Federal Reserve Notes are Debt Notes or Promises to Pay.

The original intended purpose set forth by the Founding Fathers, we, the people, are intended to be the creditors and funding the country. This has been flipped and used as a way to make the people debt slaves to the bankers.

Time to flip the script.