What REALLY is a Birth Certificate? with Robert Michael

Private Council, Authorized Representative, Trustee and Educator, Robert Michael joins NEM for a deep disclosure dive right into the topic of the Certificate of Live Birth and Birth Certificate.

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Show Notes:

Certificate of Live Birth (CoLB).
Birth Certificate (BC).

A Certificate is proof or evidence that an original exists.
CoLB is evidencing that this “Being” was created and that the Being is registered with the state.

The BC then gets issued after registration of the biological property (CoLB). The BC certifies that this entity was registered with the state, then it in fact, becomes a legal fictional entity just like any other business.

Why was this system started?
To Securitize government debt to the bankers.
And this system finances the global war machine.

Once you’re able to ascend the relationship to this entity, now you have a right to that property.

All of this is in process of being flipped back. [Wahoo!!]