Hey You Empath


Hey you empath... Have you ever been around someone and felt like you're being blasted on by their energy?

Yes? What if I was to tell you that the reason why this happened is for a seed to be planted within you of how to exit your cage, a goal for you, something to emulate in your own way with your own energy.

Being empathic can be fucking annoying to say the least. It can even lead to a downward spiral into depression for decades until you figure your shit out, if you ever do in this lifetime.

Learning the habit of vacuuming up life comes from your childhood where something went awry...
Something traumatic (to a child trauma can be/is anything less than loving) happened and you learned to shift focus onto external conditions and you did this in attempts to prevent whatever you dis-like from happening again. You created a habit of staying on guard with your energy. You didn't know what else to do. It's not your fault. But seriously, do you want to be feeling all this shit so deeply? Do you want to continue to come up with excuses as to why you're this way or do you want to flip the switch?

Diving into someone's energetic mud with them does nothing to help you. Problem is most us empaths do all this unconsciously. Time to flip the switch.

Self care if your biggest asset dear sensitive one. Your body is an extremely advanced vessel. You have abilities you don't even know about right here right now. Being sensitive means you have a 'newer model' DNA set. You're experiencing through a more advanced vehicle than most. But you need to learn how to drive the car. Otherwise you're going to keep crashing into the ditch.

It's not your fault. Stop judging yourself.

Remember being blasted on? Allow that seed of a lesson to grow within you. It's your turn to start blasting the world with your love. Flip the switch.

Basic step to remember:

1. Get Into Alignment –
Get yourself into alignment. Meditation, Mindfulness, Exercising, Energy work, you choose. The point is to get feeling good.

2. Radiate Your Alignment –
Visualize yourself blasting/radiating this energy you're now channeling from you, your good feeling space. Using your imagination/clairvoyance, see yourself radiating energy from your physical body. See your yummy energy radiating all over the world. Have fun with it. Take it as far as you'd like. Blast the whole damn Universe if you'd like.

3. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat –
Repeat daily, hourly, constantly. Repeat steps 1 and 2 like your life depends on it. I'm fucking serious here. Your commitment to this is the difference between living a life that sucks OR consciously creating a happy world for you.

This is not hard. Don't make it hard.
It's also not taught much.

Who wants to offer you one tool that would change everything for you for free when they can charge you hundreds of dollars for a weekend retreat fluffed all up with crap you don't need? Who? ME! Cause I Love you.

Now Go Rock Your World!