Forgiveness – An Act of Love towards Self

Want to catapult your life into more and more of what you are wanting? Would you like to feel at peace and confident about yourself and the choices you’ve made in your life? Imagine just for a moment, what it would feel like to not have those reoccurring thoughts that cause you dis-ease. Imagine what it would feel like to be comfortable, confident, and clear with the decisions, you’ve made, to understand, to accept and to let go – to release what has been holding you back.

Imagine what it would be like if you were to let that person off the hook, that person that did you wrong, that hurt you, that did things you wish they didn’t.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal in this lifetime and when we decide to and follow through on the act of forgiving, especially towards Self, we open the flood gates for what we have been wanting to flow to us and through us. We activate a vibration within us that allows what we have been wanting and we move forward into a higher level of understanding, awareness and Love.

Regardless of who or what you decide to forgive, this action is an act of Love towards Self. And nothing but good can and will come from it should you follow through with sincerity in your heart.

We live in a reality where there are many choices to be had. We can choose to hold anger and judgment towards ourselves and others or we can choose to let go, to surrender to the larger picture, to surrender to Love.

We are not here to be perfect and no-one really is. What is perfect anyway? We are all perfect just the way we are in each moment. We can never get it wrong for that is not the point, the point is exploring, the point is expansion, the point is Love.

We are here to experience the vastness of consciousness, the vastness of Self. You are everything Dear One and you are here to flow through you, the energy that creates worlds.

Who are you effecting by feeling so poor. It is you, not the other… you. It is you! When are you going to be easier on yourself? When will you stop beating yourself up?

When we regret, when we begrudge, we create blocks in our stream and we mess up our flow. This is not such a bad thing after all, for in these experiences of damning up our stream, we create huge opportunity for us to eventually realize a higher understanding we’ve yet to accept. When we forgive, we allow understandings to come to us that we have been blocking, that we have not been within the vibrational range of. And it is these understandings that come through the act of forgiveness, that empower us and create a catapulting effect within our own energy field, within our own consciousness that shifts us into a parallel reality where more of what we are wanting is readily available.

Forgiveness is Love and it is the most freeing act you can ever choose. Whether you choose to forgive yourself or another, it is this act of Love that frees you from your bondage, from your pain.

When we hold grudges, when we blame, when we have contempt for others, who is this really effecting, who is this hurting so bad? It is you. It is us that we are holding back, it is us we are blocking from our bliss, from our freedom, from our joy. You cannot control the reality of another. You control yours. And this is the way it has always been, whether we’ve been caught up in confusion around this or not, this is what it is and it is law of this Universe we co-create within.

You and only You are the creator of your own experience and so to for me, so to for everyone else. It makes sense if you’re still working on understanding and accepting what this truly means, most of us are and there is no deadline to get this done.

I have experienced many opportunities to forgive. And I would not be where I am now if it was not for my choices to forgive. If I did not forgive those who harmed me as a child, if I did not forgive my ex partner, I know where I would be, I would be in pain, in misery and depression. I would feel powerless and I would feel not Loved. I know this because this is what changed for me once I chose to forgive, starting with myself for the experiences I co-created.

I know what it is like and I know the other side. I know what it is like to be tormented by thoughts and I know that you can and will in your own timing, with your own free-will allow yourself to be more Love.

I would like to offer to you my Love and my understandings to help you to forgive. I would like to hold space for you to move into your heart more fully and to let go of what has been holding you back.

You can start with the choice. You can set your intention right now, to better your life by choosing to forgive. Surrender to your higher-self and know that you are being guided, protected and Loved.

There are reasons for everything in life and when we are in the vibration of begrudging, we are in a space that is not compatible for the Universe to give to us the answers we seek. You must do your work first by making the choice, by being sincere by choosing Love. And when you do this, when you truly do this, you shift yourself in a space that is compatible and understandings, explanations and higher reasonings come to you, through you and bring you peace.

It is my work to allow the inspiration that flows through me to offer this message of Love to you in this exact timing. Please let me know if I can help. Call me to schedule your appointment of investing in yourself.

I Love you,
Source Loves you,
You are Love,