Forgiveness - A Doorway to Conscious Creation

Did you know that the feelings of appreciation and gratefulness are energies that allow you to receive effectively and graciously with ease? Did you know that when we let go and forgive, we allow ourselves to be grateful, to appreciate? And forgiveness allows us to flow compassion through to ourselves and others.  

Being grateful and appreciating are two incredibly powerful tools of conscious creation but do we need to forgive before we can practice these tools, before we can reach them emotionally, vibrationally?

Forgiveness is a doorway to creating the life you want and it may just be your one step away from the momentum you’ve been seeking.

Begrudging and holding someone else accountable for the experiences we experience and the feelings we feel is an act of playing small. It is an act of giving our power away and it is an action that is available to us to choose. And this particular choice all happens due to us being within the mind-trap of Victim Consciousness (VC), a mind-trap that holds you down and keeps you in the mode of Victim rather than Creator.

Being a Conscious Creator in your life is easier than you may think however, it involves repetitive choice. You much choose to leave the triad mind-trap of VC and you must choose over and over and over again until these choices have been laminated within yourself and are your dominant vibration.  

Within VC, you will forever remain a Victim, Perpetrator or Rescuer and will bounce back and forth within this triad until you choose and continue to choose until you’ve created new habits within yourself that take over and drive the car, your subconscious mind who’s really the one running the show, driving you down the street.

We have so much to be grateful for on this beautiful planet we call Earth. We live in a reality that is literally Heaven-on-earth. However, if you are within VC, you will not see this Heaven, you will see Hell.

It is as simple as that. We all may be on the same planet within bodies but we sure do not all experience the same realities in our minds. And it is these realities that we experience within our minds that truly create the perceptions and attitudes that attract to us either Heaven or Hell.

Are you wanting something in your life and not getting it? Are you wanting a new relationship and can’t seem to find the right match? Maybe, just maybe there is something from your past relationships that you are begrudging or judging? When we do this, when we begrudge our ex’s or judge our past, we put giant roadblocks in our path from creating what we want. This is why you want to forgive, this is why you want to let yourself or another off the hook.

You can never change the perception or choices of another, you can only change yours. And forgiveness, letting go and moving on starts and ends with you. You are the only one that can decide to move on. You are the only one that can decide to let go. You are the only one that can decide to forgive. And you are the only one that can decide to be a Creator rather than a victim.

Would you like to remain a victim to another persons actions and choices or would you like to own the truth of who you are?

The truth is that you are the only one that even exists and all others are simply a mirror to your own vibrational state. Beings you create for you to play with and experience come to you, showing you who you are in your Now vibrational state.

The truth is that you created the person as an opportunity to experience. The truth is that you have a vibrational attitude and others do as well. When your vibrational attitude matches another’s, you create an experience together. And this experience, on all sides, is a mirror to the vibrational state of those involved, especially you.

You created it. You created the experience and if you think otherwise it is only because you are playing small and not seeing the truth. The truth of your powerful nature and who you really are - the creator of your own reality.

Re-frame and re-write your stories. There is always a different perspective to see through and the stories you continue to tell regarding your past can be re-written, can be viewed from a more positive, a more freedom-based lens.

What if you experienced that thing you experienced as a means of growth, as a way to show you how powerful you truly are?

What if your parents provide you contrast from who you are, so that you can eventually realize and accept who you are?

What if your ex wanted something different than you? What if you were to allow others to have their unique desires and you, yours?

What if we stopped blaming others for how we feel and own our feelings as part of our dashboard on life showing us where our vibrational attitude is currently compared to the source of who we truly are?

Our emotions are indicators, not creations of others that they smear upon us. They are ours and ours alone. If they were not ours, everyone would have the same emotional response to any given situation, which is not the case. You, mostly out of habit, choose to respond to any given situation based off of the habits and beliefs you hold. How about change those habits and beliefs? Awe yes! That is the whole point.

You can create anything you want for yourself. You can have the life you desire. Truly. And the path to all of what you want includes forgiveness and letting go. For in the forgiving, you open the flood gates of appreciation and gratefulness that prior to forgiving, was locked shut.

Bring in compassion to the equation and sooth yourself into alignment. Stop beating yourself up. Be easy on yourself about not knowing back then what you now know. Compassion is an energy of seeing the larger picture and knowing with confidence that all is well. Compassion is the healthy adult that soothes the young child that does not know the larger story. Be the healthy adult and sooth yourself into alignment.

You, nor anyone else is here to ‘figure it all out’ or ‘get it done’, we’re here to play and experience and try out and taste what this physical reality has to offer us. And we create, and always have, by the vibrational attitude we hold in any given moment.

Be grateful that you have this knowledge, most don’t. Appreciate the fact that you can change yourself at any given moment and that this change is under your control. Seek out and attract to you more and more things to be grateful for and to appreciate. Because when you do this, you are placing yourself within the vibrational range of what it is that you desire. You open your receiving channels and you allow.

Just let it go. Resistance is futile. So stop resisting your growth and just let it go. You’ll thank yourself later for the awesomeness you create.

I am grateful for and appreciate you.

I am here for you and
I Love you