A Message of Love & Forgiveness - Yeshua

Greetings Dear One. My name is Yeshua and I come to you in your Now, offering remembrance, remembrance of who you are and the grand plan that is playing out here in your Now. We say plan because this rapid acceleration of energies that push you towards ascension, has been planed for many millennia. We say we because I AM a collective of energies – a collective of collectives of energies of which many refer to as Christ Consciousness. You yourself, your soul and who you truly are, belong within the energies of Christ Consciousness – if you so resonate with this message, if you feel our energy in your heart while reading. Do not take our word however, go within and discover your own truth through your own direct experience. Follow what feels good to you and leads you towards more Joy. For in these paths of following your bliss, you too find enlightenment of who you are, what you came here to Be, and the understandings that ease you into confidence on your own path, your own individual path that leads to the integration of the whole and eventual reemergence into a Unified perspective on life.

We have a message for you and it is Love. Love is a force that can never be defeated. Love is an energy that has always existed. Love is the container that your Universe exists within. Love is the highest power and You My Dear, are fundamentally Love. Every cell of your body exists because of Love. And the Dark, does not exist outside of Love. Yes, the Dark does not exist outside of Love.

Your planet is a laboratory for life and you, your energy and soul, created a physical body for you to play, experience, learn and grow within. You wanted to come here and you were excited for the expansive opportunities to be had. Your planet is like no other, for it is a testing ground for the exploration and expansion of that which is ultimately you, that which is Consciousness, that which is Love.

You were not born with ideas of right or wrong. You were not born with ideas of capitalism or science. And you did not come here to rescue or save this planet. You came here to play. You came here to learn and to grow, to take consciousness to the next level and even further still, above and beyond what has been taught to you, beyond what you have allowed to be programed as well.

You came here to master individuality while re-emerging into the whole. Re-emerging into more and more and more of your natural state of Unity and Love for all.

We wish to offer to you a higher understanding of that which is Forgiveness – a grand tool of Love and a key to your accession into higher, less dense realms of creation. Forgiveness is Love and it is time for you to let go and to forgive yourself for the creation of judgment you have held.

You were not born with concepts of right or wrong, you have been taught them to grow. You were not born with concepts of capitalism and science, you have learned them to grow – to facilitate and to support your further exploration of that which is You, that which is Love, that which is the expansion of your own soul.  

These ideas and concepts you have taken on, these views of your world and what you believe is, are steppingstones for your own growth. Let go, Dear One, let go and forgive yourself for all that you have done, all that you have experienced and all that you know. Forgiveness is Love and it is a tool that encourages and allows you to flow. If you did not have beliefs, if you did not have opinions and perspectives on life, you would naturally flow and re-emerge into the whole of that is you, that is Love. This is not the course you signed up for however and this is what you know at a deep and intimate level within yourself.

You came here to use tools that further your advancement into higher and higher understandings on that which is You, life and that which is Consciousness and Love. There is a higher understanding to every understanding in your reality and you did not come here to save or rescue this planet or another soul. You came here to forget who you are so that you can move through the stages and steps of growth and eventually come to this understanding of who you truly are – a creator of life. And the same goes for everyone else you know.

Your planet is in the midst of a grand transition that is part of a larger whole, a shift into the Light, into the knowledge of who you all are and that is Love. Love is the container that holds your reality within it and the Dark does not exist outside of this Love for all creation, all Consciousness.

For those who choose to expand into higher, less dense realms of creation, these souls will eventually choose to forgive and let go. They will choose to let go of their training wheels that have served them so well and they will re-emerge into a higher understanding, a much more expansive perspective on life and what they know.

Many will do this in their current bodies, many will not. It is your free-will choice and we are here, sending you transmissions of Love and Light (knowledge) to remind you, to awaken you, to support you in letting go.

Much is happening on your planet at this time. Many souls are being pushed to wake up. For what is your choice when your entire world is crashing down around you? Your choice is to judge and shut down, to isolate and disconnect or to drop what you’ve known and to accept a higher more expansive understanding of who you all are. This is what is happening in your Now at this time and we wish you to know that it is all based in Love. For you are Consciousness and you are the Whole of all that exists, all that is known, all that is Love - the container of your soul.

Go within and seek your truth. Ask your higher-self to hold you in neutrality and peace. You are here to expand and you are here to grow. You have grand abilities within you that are available more and more, as you let go of your judgement, as you let go of your ego, as you let go of your arrogance of thinking you know. Yes, you know and you may have already mastered the level for where you are, but did you know that there is more even still? More to be had, more to evolve, more to let go.

We send you our highest Love, peace and energies that allow you to grow. We Love you for who you are and we always have. We have never judged you and never will. You are perfect just the way you are and you are magnificent in our eyes. May you find peace in your heart. We Love you, Dear One.