My Heart Exploded this Past Summer & it Has Been on Fire Since

I am excited to announce that the next level of my Spiritual Teaching is now here.
And it’s all possible due to my own intense growth this year.

After a long summer of integrating within myself all of the spiritual knowledge I’ve gained over the years along with my strengths in the business world, I am finding myself with more clarity, empowerment, and determination than ever before.

Many of you know that I experienced a house fire back in June. Many of you also know that I left Seattle last April to start a new multi-million $ business (a few know that last part). And some of you know that this is why I’ve been not as active with my teachings since last spring. This has changed and I am back on the leading edge of creating content to guide and assist you on your path through these accelerated times we’ve created for ourselves.

This year has been hella fun for me. Yes, I experienced some trauma that I’ve now healed, yeah I lost everything I owned, and yes, some things I thought would happen didn’t…. However, I see this all differently in the grand scheme of things. I see this year as nothing but positive growth for me and I have zero regrets for following my lit up path. Truly that’s all I was doing, following my inspired path and I’ve gained a great deal from my “detour into the wilderness”.

Experiencing a traumatic event such as waking up to a burning house at 1am, is not fun to go through, however the experience came with many positives. I seemed to be in an automatic full-body-channeling mode for first few weeks after. I found myself for the first time in my life, in a situation where I was bringing my group literally to safety out of a building catching on fire.

I had no warning, no foresight at all. I literally awoke from sleeping at one in the morning from screams of Fire! Fire! I stumbled my way downstairs to the entryway where there was a man pounding on the door. In my confusion from just awakening, I opened the door, listened to him say your house is on fire and then proceeded to shut the door and lock it on him thinking he’s crazy. As soon as I shut the front door I turned and walked towards the kitchen when I noticed the view across the house. Smoke bellowing from the back of the property that I could clearly see through the atrium windows.

Immediately my consciousness and body shifted into automatic mode and I was on a mission. A mission to get my people out of the house now! The moment I realized my business partner was safe and on her way out, I bolted down to the basement to retrieve my assistant who had just started working and was sleeping in the basement apartment. My only concern was to get my people out safe and as soon as I accomplished that, again my body shifted modes and I found myself running up three stories to retrieve my laptop, my bag, and some shoes. Running back downstairs I was able to get my business partners purse, her laptop and her passport, all of which just-so-happened to be in my path as I ran through the house like a robot on auto pilot.

After all of us were safe on the lawn of the city hall next door, we found the man that was pounding on the front door. He took us into his truck and helped us to feel safe and loved as we watched the flames reach three stories high and all of us knowing that this was the end, the end of a timeline that may have been and a new beginning to come.

Visionary Artist, Brooks Benefiel -  Find him here

Visionary Artist, Brooks Benefiel - Find him here

We were taken to the ER by the door-knocking Good Samaritan and that’s where we remained until 11am when we were taken to a local motel gifted to us by a friend. We lost everything in the fire, our business offices, our home and our possessions.

We lost everything but yet we gained so much. We gained the assistance of a community that stood up and assisted us through the trauma, helping us to create our next steps. And for this, I remain forever grateful to these loving souls.

We spent the reminder of the summer working on and creating our business and making huge progress as well. We were on track to be funded multiples of millions of dollars for the projects we had in the pipeline and with this we were also creating a humanitarian organization - a company that I intend to continue creating going forward.

We were on track for funding and this funding was non-traditional. The money was being lent to us through a hedge fund who’s money resides mainly in Switzerland. Well, if you’re in the know about finance and money on a world scale, then you know that the Swiss kicked the elite family of bankers known as the Rothschild’s out of their country this past July…days before our funding date. Coincidence? Hmm Our group energy got deep into the system and it blew it up! Ha!

The shift in the world economy is a very good thing for us all because it is yet another sign of our ever quickly evolving world, however it did throw us off our expected course. Funding day came and went while we were living in a hotel, then a few different people’s homes.

We expected something to happen and it never did. We put our all into the project and it came so close, yet not enough…or did it? Did we achieve what we were really seeking? And that is expansion. Looking back, I feel I did.

This summer was about accepting more love and abundance from our community than we’d ever allowed before. This summer was about learning that “paying it forward” is how you create in the New Paradigm. We paid it forward this summer and collectively we created a vibrational momentum that cannot be stopped.

In the end I said no to $36 million and I walked away with my integrity, many lessons learned & much growth - of which I am now bringing into my endeavors going forward.  

My heart exploded this past summer and my heart has been on fire ever since. My heart is on fire and I am a new Man - a new Teacher.

I was given the opportunity to pull forward the Divine fire I’ve always had within me, and to integrate it with all other parts of self. You can thinkof it as balancing out, you can think of it as empowering. One thing is for sure however and that is that not everyone understood WTF was happening with Peter this past summer and that is okay. Never will everyone understand me, not in this lifetime and that is okay. Those who get it, those who see my own growth as I move through life, these people always seem to move forward with me cheering me on….thank you. I appreciate you greatly. My target has always been you with my teachings and it will remain this way going forward. My intention has always been that I share my life, make myself vulnerable in ways that help others, the other leaders, the other teachers. You are my audience and you have been from the start.

When one experiences a sudden reality changing experience such as what happened with me in June, we have the opportunity to fall into old ways of thinking and feeling pity for ones self, we have the opportunity to believe that we are victims or we can choose to burst through our walls we’ve created that hold us into victim mindset and choose freedom. Freedom to evolve, freedom to expand and to utilize our Divine Fire we’ve been holding back.

Our fire within is something many of us hold back. We hold it back because we have judgement towards this aspect of self. This is a huge them in spiritual communities, this fear-belief that says that fiery energy is not appropriate and that everyone should focus on calm/peace/love/hippy shit. haha! You know what I mean. …This idea a spiritual teacher, leader, seeker needs to look a certain way, act a certain way….well it’s just dumb and we all know it. Did Jesus ever spit fire at anyone? I beg to differ if you think he did not.

Integrating our Fire with our calm is one of the most powerful actions we can ever make. What if you, yeah you mister or misses zen master…what if you were comfortable being who you are now as well as being comfortable with telling your truth when someone treats you poorly, holding your ground and effectively being heard by them? …yeah heard by them instead of being brushed off. What if you had the best of both worlds of being able to be the calm Zen in the shit-storm & someone who’s confident in who you are and doesn’t take shit form anyone? Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. I integrated that this year!

Whoa. If you really know what I’m talking about then you know how powerful this is. And of course this will alter my approach with teaching as it should.

This summer I integrated my fire and air. This summer I feel like a grew up as a Man…best way to describe so myself anyway. I harnessed my Sacred Masculine energy more so than ever before. And boy has this changed just about everything for me.

I look forward to focusing more on teaching and building integral community. I have many things up my sleeve at the moment and I am happy to be here fiercely loving You.

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