Integration of Multiple Parallel Realities - an exercise for the mind

Integration of Multiple Parallel Realities
- Another Perspective & Exercise for the Mind

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You my friend, are consciousness. You may forget this briefly, however it still remains ultimate truth for you in your Now reality. You are consciousness and you are all that is.

You are all that is and you are no-thing at the same time. Confused yet? This isn’t a brain-thing to figure out. You’re either ready to remember, to accept this truth in your Now or not. No worries either way. All responses are perfect, including struggle if you so choose - choose with the decision that is your vibrational/ emotional focus and attitude.

You are consciousness and you created this reality you reside physically, dominantly focused within or so you think. You have created this reality you think of as life, and this reality is not what you think, not what you’ve been told, not what you’ve accepted it to be or the stories you’ve believed throughout your life.

You are consciousness. You are malleable - flexible, stretchable, extendable. You are all that is, every option, every iteration, every color, every sound….all that is. And you created it this way.

You created it this way and there are very good reasons why things are the way they are including that which you are looking at in your present iteration that is your creation.

If you are reading this, you too are on a rapidly accelerating timeline of ascension and evolving into your next best self - a much larger, more expansive version of You, more evolved, wiser, more empowered.

You created this timeline to jump onto should you choose and guess what? You chose and you shifted into, this rapid timeline of growth and expansion that you now find yourself experiencing within.

How Cool! Congratulations are in order! You chose just enough freedom and empowerment to force your Now reality to shift and click into place with more opportunity for expansion, realization and actualization than ever before for you. Cool! Epic! You’re amazing! You climbed the fence!  

Evolving, ascension, or rather what it is that you’re experiencing these days, is the integration of more of who you are. You are integrating whether you understand what that means or not. As you grow, as things click into place in your mind, as you release what holds you back, and as you let go, you slip into, you magnetize to you, a New Reality for you to be had, for you to experience in your Now.

Your reality is not what you’ve been told, not what is in most text books or what you learn in most schools. In fact, you are experiencing a grand transitional period on planet Earth with how education is done and many people no longer resonate with traditional/ conventional educational practices. This is a good thing! Go towards your resonation - what attracts you, what thrills you, what feels to you like expansion, more freedom, more options to express your beauty as a soul experiencing humanness.

You are the creator of your reality and all that we offer to you here, is further explanation of what this means.

Your physical reality that you think of as life is much more than you have ever believed it to be. Life, or rather what you have been thinking life is, is much larger than you have ever realized. You are much larger than you have ever realized.

You, the small you, the you personality in this lifetime, and the current version of your life sit within a soup of parallel realities. A soup of energies that are constantly fluctuating, expanding, transforming. You, or rather your human persona you’ve created, exist alongside a smorgasbord of other personas, other options, other realities of creation that You, the larger You that is, infinitely creates.  

You are multiple versions of You and You are All that is. You, at a higher level understand all that is and You at a higher level sees You including your current persona as perfection evolving. Seriously. If you ever feel any sort of judgment towards self, it is the smaller You that has bought into some lies and that smaller you is only temporary. For the physics of your reality force you to evolve whether you consciously want to or not. Judgement is temporary for it is a tool of growth and expansion to eventually come to the point of realization and understanding, releasing and purging from you, all that holds you back from emerging into your next best iteration of self.

The word co-creation is used to explain the cooperation that is necessary for one to align to the higher realms/ or rather more advanced parallel realities out there to be had in the soup of what life truly is. Co-creation in another sense is the understanding that one must be balanced to truly be One and to access those higher levels of energy and consciousness. Co-creation is the understanding that we must co-create with all aspects of self to achieve enlightenment, whatever we believe that to be.

Wherever you are in your evolution and what you’ve created, one of these is most likely a theme you’re currently in with the growth of your soul and the expansion of You in this lifetime.

Some Major Themes of Self-Growth Right Now - Do you recognize yourself in any of these themes?
1. Release of Judgement towards self & others that leads towards more freedom and expansion of self - release of pain and suffering.
2. Acceptance of the balance & cooperation required to continue expanding and balancing those competitive urges with collaboration and encouragement towards others.
3. Acceptance of what is, refocus towards that which you truly desire, removing all focus, attention and energy from that which you no longer desire/resonate to.
4. All of the above

You are all that is and at the same time you have a personality, an individuality that is equally important in your growth/ evolution of self and by virtue the evolution of All. This personality is a pre-set playground of self that you have created but before we go further let us ask… Have you accepted your own personality yet or are you trying to be someone else?

At some point in your evolution, you too will come to a space of being able to comprehend the difference between you and You. You are you and you are All - at the same time. Your individuality is just as valuable as your Oness and we are suggesting to you, balance of the two should be the goal. Balance of services to self while serving the whole. Both being You. Make sense? It will eventually. Relax.

You live in a reality that can be thought of as a soup of consciousness and you have available to you, infinite options so long as you stay within the agreed upon rule-set - which is extremely broad already and expanding each day.

If you are sensitive to energies, especially the energies of other people, if you can feel the vibe of the room, what you are really doing, what you are really feeling is parallel realities, other options to be had. And you’re doing this without conscious realization. Change this now and choose to be conscious of what you’re doing with your own energy when you feel or sense things. Learn about being an empath and self-empower yourself with tools. Hire a spiritual teacher or coach to work with.

You, the small you and your personality in this lifetime co-create by default. You co-create by default because there’s really no other option in this reality, for you have agreed to be here, agreed to the experiences and agreed to participate and play this game of consciousness evolving and all others aid in your own growth simply by existing, playing a role in your timeline.

Parallel realities is a concept of co-creation and your leading-edge science is at the beginnings of understanding and telling this story Now. You are the creator and at the same time, you co-create with others because of your game you created - this game you call life. You created a grand game that is the exploration of consciousness and this is where you are, what you are doing on this planet called Earth.

This is the truth of who you are and it is only your judgments and lack based beliefs that offer otherwise.

You see, your reality has a larger picture and that picture is this process of evolving, of ascending into higher, more expanded levels of conscious awareness and empowerment until eventually you start to realize that you are not who you once were, until eventually you fully Love yourself - all aspects of self.

What you are experiencing is temporary and dictated by you, your feelings you choose to feel (whether automatically or not), the beliefs you choose to hang onto, and your perception of self or others…Self. Whether you’re in alignment with this truth yet or not, you still remain the one and only creator of your reality.

Integration of self as it relates to this concept of parallel realities is one of surrender. One must eventually learn to surrender to the larger self, the larger understandings, the larger You that is. Surrendering to self is an act of Love. It is an act of Love and it is an act of faith in self, trust in self. Have you ever truly let go and surrendered to self? Maybe you think you have, maybe there’s more?

We cannot explain the nature of reality to you with perfect words, forcing you to accept and grow. For it does not work this way and we see you as perfect already. What we can do, is to explain to you through metaphor and story, an explanation that makes just enough sense to encourage you to allow more. We wish for you that you allow this energy/ information in as it relates to the true nature of your reality and one true way for you to know this as truth is through your own conduit, your own intuition and inspiration.

Parallel realities are real. Parallel realities is a reality for you and should you take this understanding and allow in to integrate within you, you will allow the empowering ability to quickly and effortlessly shift rapidly into a parallel reality where _____ (fill in the blank) is different.

Immediately what comes to mind for most is this question to self, why not just teleport 20 years in the future…I’m tired of this reality… If this is your immediate response to self, you’re not ready yet, return to your theme(s) above and go deeper with the Love towards self, including Love towards Self (others).

The parallel realities concept is a shortcut to shift your reality quickly. However, judgement in anyway is like having gum on your shoes and you stick to where you are. So therefore shifting into parallel realities at a consciously chosen level is really easy IF, you’ve moved through the above themes and feel comfortable/ at ease/ Loving, with your Now.

What do you choose to create for yourself today?

Meditate. Visualize. Center yourself through what works for you. Allow yourself to be okay with where you are on your unique path through the abundance of choices to be had. Digging things up or pulling weeds is no longer necessary, just be willing to allow it all to go with ease...maybe while you sleep... sounds easy huh? We are the only ones holding ourselves back from anything. Relax. Breathe. Release. Move forward and Emerge Into Your Next Best Self. This is your destiny to know this as truth.