The Evolved Male

For thousands upon thousands of years, humanity has been unbalanced and confused with their masculine and feminine energies. This is changing. Men and Women all over the planet are awakening to their true nature and living their role as Evolved Humans. This writing is about the Men/ masculines. And because as guys, our worlds usually revolve around Women/ feminines, I'm talking to you as well.

Image by Pierre Barrère -  Source

Image by Pierre Barrère - Source

Let’s go back to the story of hunter and gatherer. In this storyline the Men were responsible for going out into the wilderness to hunt. Their main purpose was to go out, find food and bring it home to the tribe for all to be had. Men were trained to be the providers and protectors and these roles were perfectly suited for single-focused minds, a masculine energy trait.

The Women on the other hand, in addition to them being our Mothers and everything that goes along with that, were responsible for going out into the meadow, diligently seeking detailed information regarding what berries are safe to eat, which ones to avoid, paths and trails that are safe to walk through and those you should avoid. The Women would come back to the tribe and with their return came all the long and detailed lists regarding what was discovered that day. The Women would diligently give meadow reports to anyone that would listen.

In this story above, the Men are trained to be single-focused, whereas the Women are trained to be defused with their focus. And this is the story we’re all still playing out….ish. Emphasis on ish.

The topic of Men versus Women and the general traits the two commonly hold by virtue, is an extremely broad topic that is flexible and unique to any given individual. By no means am I wanting to paint a broad brush or pigeon-hole anyone based on labels however, I believe it helps to have a common basis of understanding to branch out from.

Sexuality and how we think about the varying degrees of ones own desires and actions in life as it relates to ones sexuality, is a spectrum. We all fit somewhere on the spectrum and we’re all unique in this. Let’s get real honest with ourselves and we’ll probably discover or admit, that we’re not as rigidly straight or gay as we might share with others.

Sexuality isn’t something you can separate into two halves and say, that’s all we’ve got. Pick one! That mentality is a joke if you really think about it. And we are moving into a new age where so too will we think of genders - a spectrum. We will reach a point soon, where we refer to other individuals with more expansive words rather than male or female, man or woman.

Those who represent the T and or Q in the LGBTQ community are examples of leading-edge forerunners with this area of the expansion of consciousness right Now.

We all have Masculine & Feminine energies and the discovery of one’s own true self and individuality in this lifetime, entails the discovery of what your unique makeup is, coming to terms with who you are and the personality you have this time around, then simply BE who you are; not some projection others want you to be.

By Unknown -  Source

By Unknown - Source

The Evolved Male is someone who knows where they fit on the spectrum of sexuality and they are confident with who they are, whether that be a super masculine straight guy or a super feminine gay guy. …Or a super masculine gay guy or a super feminine straight guy….or somewhere in-between where most of us are. Knowing who you are and being confident with your personality/ natural desires is the key and should be the goal as you emerge more fully into who you really are.

Masculine energy is single-focused. People with high masculinity find it difficult to juggle twenty things at a time, whereas feminine energy naturally does this by design, always. Often times feminine’s are confused as to why the masculine’s loose all focus and have a hard time listening when the feminine’s are buzzing around them. Have you ever had someone say to you… just get to the point, what is the issue here? …while you’re standing there thinking: I’m just telling you about my day, don’t you want to hear about my day?

What is happening in the above scenario is the feminine is being feminine sharing about their day, giving what to them is valuable information, and the masculine is being masculine, waiting for a single-focused problem to solve so that they can fulfill their inert desire to help. This isn’t being rude if this is what’s happening, this is being who you are. The rudeness one may feel is really confusion as to how the two prefer to communicate and interact as well as conditioned expectations from beliefs of how a man or woman should act.  

Masculine Energy is Single-Focused -  Photo Source

Masculine Energy is Single-Focused - Photo Source

Masculine-dominate individuals enjoy focusing on the task or issue at hand, they love to solve problems and they love diving deep into one topic at a time. These people tend to base their reality on Self more so than anything else.

Feminine-dominate individuals enjoy being in the mix of everything, socializing is natural to a healthy feminine and they love the details and nuances in life. These people tend to base their reality more on relationships than anything else.

You seeing it yet?

The problem here is that many think there is a problem when no problem really exists - just opportunities to get to know each others personalities better and a new understanding around the varying degrees of the energies that make up who we all individually are.

Feminine energy loves to talk and process through externally, they can have multiple conversations at the same time, naturally. Whereas masculine energy naturally processes though any thoughts prior-to speaking and once ready to speak, what comes out is typically direct and to-the-point. For a masculine person, it is normal to internal-process just about everything and not make others aware of what they’re going through, whereas feminine energy loves to talk about everything and finds resolution and joy in doing so.

It’s time to widen the discussion on who we all are rather than shoving us all into tiny this or that boxes.

The Evolved Male is someone who has transcended his Mother & Father, transcended what society has told him to be and is in-tune with his emotions. The Evolved Male is connected to his heart and trusts his intuition, his internal guidance.

Let’s face it. Our societies teach boys to disconnect from who they are, starting at birth. Who decided that blue is for boys and pink is for girls anyway? ..How does the old poem go? “What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice.” where as boys…well those lil shits, they’re made of… “Snips and snails and puppy-dog tails” Hogwash! Bull—shit! Can we say programing and brainwashing from the beginning. I for one, am not a device to cut metal, a slowly crawling bug OR a freaking dog tail! Come one Humanity! You can do better than this. Stop damaging your boys (& girls) from the start!

Boys are taught from a very young age to ignore emotions and be tough! Be a Man for hell sakes! WTF does that mean anyway? Seriously. I am even guilty of saying it to my ex forever-years ago. If I recall correctly, I was wanting him to be more himself when I said it….and I’ll never say it ever again to anyone. Cause it makes no sense really. AND that phrase can be very damaging to a man who’s finding himself. I apologize, darlin :)

If a boy hurts his body while playing, the care-takers should be teaching and encouraging self-soothing techniques, not telling him to brush it off and move on with life - are you aware of what kind of damage that does to a kid? Think about what this creates. Seriously. Often times we even do the same with our girls! This has to change. …and it is! Phew!

The Evolution of Men cannot happen without the parallel and just-as-important evolution of Women at the same time. You’re our Mothers! We look to you for just about everything! Your energy is our reminder of theSacred Divin to us... from before birth. So if ya’ll could please, let’s get a handle on what we’re expecting of the guys in our lives. Are we beating them up for being who they naturally are, telling them to be who you think they should be? Maybe…just Maybe… they can figure it out for themselves? Yes! They can! And will!! If you let them.

When it comes down to it, most men will naturally give in to the feminine. It's meant to be this way and as we move further along this timeline we're on, Women will return to their Divine leadership roles where they belong. Snowballing Men doesn't work. Men need your help. Sometimes by simply letting them be. The Evolved Male knows about the history of repressing the feminine and is holding space for your rightful return into your Divine role.

Masculine energy is very different from feminine and we all have both in us. I know straight women who are more masculine than a few of my tattooed straight brothers. I also know others who are the flip-side, dominantly feminine men. Is this new? No! We’re evolved enough now to talk about it rationally tho, that’s the difference. No, a queer boat did not float up to shore in the 80s. Humanity has always been this diverse. Promise.

It’s time to learn about our differences and embrace them. Life is a rainbow of diversity, it is only our narrow-minded thinking that gets us trapped, holds us back, and creates pain and suffering for all sides.

Hindi Deity Lord Shiva - At the highest level, Shiva is regarded as formless, limitless, transcendent and unchanging absolute Brahman, and the primal Atman (soul, self) of the universe. -  Wikipedia  -   Photo Source

Hindi Deity Lord Shiva - At the highest level, Shiva is regarded as formless, limitless, transcendent and unchanging absolute Brahman, and the primal Atman (soul, self) of the universe. - Wikipedia - Photo Source

The Evolved Male is someone who has gone within, has walked that dark tunnel of confusion, removing all projections of who they’ve been told to be, and has emerged through the other side, confident and clear about who they are and what they want out of life.

This tunnel that men/ masculine energy walk through, is a right-of-passage. And for every man that reaches the other side (not all do), there are women/ feminines in their life that play critical roles, holding space for the Divinity to emerge from within the Awakening Man.

It takes both to rebirth the masculine and feminine energy here on this planet. For it is the magnification of the two joined, that creates the explosion of evolution which catapults the masculine (or feminine) beyond the old paradigm structure that is so unhealthy and harming to us all.

We've hardly scratched the surface here - this is a huge topic and I’d like to invite you to explore it further. There are teachers out there that teach about the differences between men and women. If they also speak in the much broader terms of masculine and feminine rather than just man/ woman, than I would say you’re most likely onto someone advanced.

Dive into the topic if inspired, hire a coach or spiritual teacher to help you sift through it all and integrate. Hire me if you’re interested, however my point is, do something with this knowledge.

Three tips for you ladies to help strengthen your relationships with this newly found empowering info around men:

1.) Listen to the guys in your life.
When a masculine is speaking to you, LISTEN. Masculine energies typically won’t initiate conversation until they know what they’re going to say and have processed through, come to conclusion and are Now ready to talk.

2.) Let’s be fair and not ask the other to be who they aren’t…. at least for longer than a few minutes please.

When a feminine is talking to a masculine, it’s always best for the two to have a current right Now agreement as to what role the masculine is being asked to play.

If the feminine wants the masculine to simply listen, make that clear from the start. “Hey hubby, I really want to give you a meadow report and I promise it’ll just be a few minutes.” This is a totally acceptable and a healthy request that allows the masculine to prepare for and move into what for them, is an unnatural state, diffusely listening to you talk. Just don’t expect the hard-core listening to last too long because this listening to you diffusely talk can be draining to someone who’s 1. not an external processor, and 2. is dominantly single-focused.

3.) Ask questions to masculines only when you are sincere about the asking and are ready to listen. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve either been partied to or watched a feminine ask a masculine a question, and then move on and change the subject. This is unintentional, unconscious abuse towards the masculine who can’t keep up, not because of anything other than the fact that they process and communicate differently. Slow down, ask the question and then count to ten in your mind if you need to, but don’t move on, just wait…it’ll be worth it, promise.

Men, listen to the Women in your life. Help them understand how you work, how you process your reality and take in new information. What's the best way to approach you with new info? How do you prefer to communicate? How long do you prefer to know, before you start getting tired and falling asleep?? Believe me guys, most Women will eat you up if you just take the time to explain more about how you work. Remember, they value your relationship more than anything. Weird huh? It's true tho. ...usually anyway, in stereotypical speak.

The Age of the Evolved Human is emerging Now and it is the joining forces of the two that Unify us All.

After thousands upon thousands of years in the dark, muddied by the manipulation and confusion of our collective creations, the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine energies are returning to this planet through all of us willing to allow. Emerging and coming into Being as each of us steps up to the plate and Becomes Who We Came Here to Be.

May you too discover who you truly are and find the empowerment of your peace and balance within. Namaste - I See & Honor the Divinity within You.