Appreciating Relationships

I appreciate the people in my life. I appreciate their individual uniqueness. I appreciate the beauty I see in each. I get thrills from watching the relationships in my life grow, evolve, and bloom.

I've always had this chameleon part of me where I mix and meld with a wide variety of people, friends, and social groups. While I am extroverted, I'm also introverted. I love crowds but I also enjoy the intimacy and deliciousness of being able to get to know people one-on-one.

I take pride in being able to find and see the awesomeness in anyone. I've always come from the perspective that it doesn't matter to me if we like the same things, so long as we're able to appreciate the beauty we see and respect what we individually bring to the table.

Life is all about relationships. Building them, nurturing them, and evolving them.

Relationships are critical to our success in life. Because let's face it, there's more than one of us here playing on this planet. Anything you want in the physical realm requires others to obtain it.

However, the relationship we have with our self is by far the most important and this relationship is mirrored to us each and everyday by these relationships we have with the people we care about.

When we don't like our self, when we put our self down, when we judge our self, we end up in relationships where others put us down, judge us, and are unkind to us.

On the flip side, when we see our awesomeness, when we take time to appreciate and love our self daily, others do the same to us.

When we grow, change and evolve in our life, we begin a transition period where for some time, we dance in two worlds, letting go of the old and stepping into the new. We not only do this with our self, but we do this with the relationships we have in our life.

Our entire reality is built upon the foundational law referred to by many as the Law of Attraction. Our entire reality is a mirror to us, telling us, showing us, what active vibrations we are holding, what we are giving our energy to, and what we believe.

As you've probably noticed, sometimes there is a "waiting period" with our utilization of the LOA in regards to big changes. This is only because sometimes it takes time to create new habits that supersede the old ones. And often the same goes for the mirrors to us that are the relationships we have.

Sometimes it's easier to walk away, sometimes it's easier to go on a relationship vacation from someone. There are no set in stone rules for how to go about this.

At times it can be hard to let go of the old version of who we were. And guess what? Sometimes this is mirrored to us by way of others finding it hard to let go of who they think we are. Who we were.

Expert utilizers of LOA know that focusing on what they want, starting with the feelings of what truly is the emotional feeling desire behind the physical manifestation, is the key to success.

They stop pushing back on what they do not want and they know that at some point you have to stop looking for "junk" to dig up and move into hyper focus on the appreciation of what they have, what they want more of.

They know that big changes require a dance. A dance of focus on the new while not allowing the old to trigger emotions in negative ways while the old vibrations lessen and eventually fade away.

Big changes with the relationships we have requires this dance. Sometimes it takes going away for awhile. Sometimes it takes saying goodbye. But you always have options and again, there are no set in stone rules to how this is done.

We are all unique. We are all valuable. We are all equal at the most fundamental level of who we all are, the infinite source we all are a part of.

Have the courage to hold the relationship you have with yourself above all others. Have patience with the people you chose to keep in your life and allow them to see the new you, the next best self you're dancing into.