Hacking Spirituality - The Largest Understanding of Reality Yet

You may think that you understand your reality but did you know that for ever understanding, every belief you have about your reality, there is a larger story, a more expansive truth to what is - who you think you are and what you believe life to be. 

Many people are heavily focused on “saving the planet” or “waking humanity up”. Let us offer to you a shortcut that will save you time and effort, grief and pain. Focus on yourself. Turn your antennas inward and love yourself more fully. For when you successfully do this, with genuine sincerity and practice, you shift yourself into a new reality. Step by step by step, you shift, shift, shift, into more and more and more of what you want and a reality of your conscious creation for you to experience. If we haven’t lost you by now, keep reading and we will explain - you’re ready to understand this and you yourself have attracted this information or validation to what you already know, to you.

You are Consciousness and the larger version of that which is you, created this reality and it is virtual. You live in a virtual reality created by you and for you to experience that which you are, that which is everything and all that is - you are consciousness. You are consciousness co-creating with other aspects of consciousness, drawing to you through the rule set of your reality, those who line up with you and your current vibration you hold.

Consciousness is the awareness in the back of your mind, the non-judgmental awareness listening to your thoughts, watching your every move. Consciousness is the container that holds within it, this physical reality and universe you think of as life and all that is. Your physical reality is the tip of the iceberg and is simply an indicator, a metaphor for the vibrational momentum that is playing out by way of your conscious focus and participation within it. 

As part of the “game” you chose to play that you call life, you agreed to a certain rule set, a criteria of boundaries, lines in the sand that box you into a particular “computer code” - the foundation of the virtual reality you are currently experiencing with your focused awareness and participation.

You are source energy, you are the creator. You are the creator of your reality and you have the ability to change this reality by going within, remembering who you are and remembering how to manipulate your broadcast onto the movie screen of life.

Your body is a vessel created to channel and flow infinite intelligence and the energy that creates worlds through you. You are the energy that flows through your mind and your mind is a projector that radiates your vibration, your conscious focus and your belief systems onto the movie screen you call life. Everything you experience, everything you perceive through your journey of life, all interactions with everyone you meet, is a mirror to you for where you currently are on your own path of evolution.

You are your own universe and this universe is within you, within the molecules, within the DNA, within the building blocks of that which creates your physical being. Everyone you know in your life, all your friends and family, all that you see and perceive in the vastness of your societies, is a reflection of you and the vibrational attitude you currently hold. If you see a world that is falling apart, this is a mirror to you. If you see a world that is waking up and remembering who they are, this is a mirror to you on your own path indicating to you, where you currently are.

Your ultimate responsibility in this lifetime is to you and your own path and no one else. And when you try to fix or change another’s reality for them, you are expressing that they are not the creator of their reality and you must intervene to “save” them - this is the triad of victim consciousness; perpetrator, victim, rescuer. 

You are the creator of your reality and your’s alone. When you and your vibrational attitude lines up with another, what is happening is your vibration is similar enough to another’s that the two of you magnetize to each other and you co-create together. The two of you come into alignment with each other and you play together for as long as the two vibrations being held, are similar enough to magnetize and hold the connection into place. The moment the vibration of one changes enough, the relationship or experience changes or ends and the two people float away from the other, or come closer together. 

This is how it is that when you change yourself from with, others begin to treat you differently. This is how it is that when you change something within yourself a relationship may end. And this is also how you can create the most fulfilling, most loving relationships for you - go within and love yourself more fully.

You are the creator of your reality and your reality is created by the vibrational attitude that you hold and focus upon, either consciously or subconsciously. 

Your emotions and beliefs are your vibration. Emotion = Vibration. Belief = Vibration. Your emotions are the tangible in-your-face indicators to you, telling you where you are, what your vibration is and what you are projecting on to the movie screen of your life. Your beliefs are your intellect’s rule set and boundaries of what it accepts as reality and what it allows as current possibilities for you. 

Your current vibration is always being radiated and projected on to your movie screen you call life. What you radiate with your vibration always comes back to you, whether in the form of physical things, relationships, or experiences you have, this movie screen is your creation and your movie screen is unique to you. 

The perception that all of humanity is in the same reality comes from the misunderstanding of what collective consciousness is and how it works. All humans are tapped into a collective consciousness that we will label humanity. This collective consciousness is used as a template or foundation of reality that humans use as a means of playing together and within a particular rule set that all chose to participate within.  There are multiple collective consciousnesses and these collectives of consciousness change and evolve. You are participating in multiple collectives of consciousness at this time and you have the ability to disconnect from some and switch to others. This is the rule set you are currently working within and the foundation of your current reality.

You live in a virtual reality and there are infinite realities to be experienced, to play within. Your vibration or the thoughts that turn into beliefs and the emotions that you choose to hold or focus upon, create the reality you are currently experiencing within. 

You have the ability to shift into parallel realities and you have been doing this your entire life. If you have ever experienced someone close to you treating you differently than ever before, you have experienced shifting into a slightly different parallel reality where you yourself, line up with and magnetize to you, a different version of the person who then mirrors to you, your shifts by way of treating you differently.  

Each time you grok a new understanding about life, each time you practice self-improvement, each time you work on more fully loving yourself, you shift into a parallel reality where what you’re projecting onto the movie screen changes and comes to you to be experienced by you, for you.

We are not asking you to become a hermit and to avoid all contact with others. What we are laying out for you however, is understandings that if allowed in, will enable you to gain the most conscious control yet, with your journey through life and the experiences you create. 

We are not asking you to ignore the homeless that live in your cities, we are not asking you to ignore life. What we are offering to you is a larger perspective on life and who you are. Every experience you have and all those whom you come across on your path, are offering to you an opportunity to evolve. 

You are on a unique journey through life experiencing who you are. As you grow and evolve, life presents opportunities for you to evolve. For some this will literally mean showing compassion for yourself by way of interacting with your movie screen - by being of service to humanity. For others, the same can be accomplished by being alone and going within, loving them self more fully and shifting their vibration which in-turn shifts them into a parallel reality that is slightly different, more in alignment with the new vibrational attitude they hold.

What we are asking you to do is to let go of any remaining vibrations within you that hold space for a world that is “going to hell in a hand basket”. Yes, you may be currently experiencing a reality that seems to hold this as truth but you can shift yourself and by virtue shift into a parallel reality where more love is to be had, where abundance is your dominate state, where peace and love is the dominantly held vibration and therefor is reflected back to you on your movie screen of life. --let the energy of these understandings to sink in & don't forget to breath--


If you would like to learn more of the “hows” that are unique to you, the way forward for you to Emerge Into Your Next Best Self, schedule a personal empowerment session today.