Change is Here - The Energies of Subtle, yet Rapid Evolution

Much is changing. Much has changed already. If you’re in-tune with the energies of this planet and the evolution of collective consciousness, you know that this year, this fall specifically has already brought to us rapid influxes of energies like never before in your lifetime. From the energetic zoomed out perspective, humanity has attracted to itself, an abundant wave of multi-diminutional energies that is now bathing our planet (and us of course) with more Love than what has been available to us for thousands upon thousands of years. 

Our planet is evolving at an exponential speed and it takes an advanced being to notice the beauty of this magnificent creation as it unfolds. This wave of abundant, creative energies will be perceived, processed, and integrated in each person on an individual level and in unique ways that are specific to the person and their unique path. Love does not discriminate and these energies now showering us will continue to effect all of humanity for months and years to come.

Many of us have, will, or are experiencing currently, the physical breaking down and rebooting of our bodies. If this is happening with you, just know that your perception to your process through the tunnel or rebirth is critical to creating the life that you desire. Choose to allow this to be your time of really getting a handle on your thoughts and what you allow your mind to focus on moment by moment. Yes, the conscious awareness that is you does have control over your focus and thoughts. You just may have to change some habits to realize your control.

Humans on this planet have reached many milestones of advancement and technology. We have come very far at a rapid pace and this pace is speeding up even still. Along with the intensification of our minds and our intellects, we must remember to allow what we cannot fully understand at this time, what we cannot put into words and eloquently explain with our intellect, to come through and to change us for the better. It is what we have been asking for. It is now here, waiting for us to integrate more fully, waiting for us to accept the upgrades, waiting for us to trust our larger self’s divine plan, of which the details are not our responsibility.

Your perception towards life/ the worldview you hold as your foundation of who you think you are and what life is, including your opinions and beliefs around the “current state of our societies”, is the lens you will perceive these shifts through. Trauma, pain, and grief is a part of being human and when we release our judgement towards these options of experiences to be had, we release our intense focus onto that which we do-not-want, we pull our claws in and allow our desires to come through. The moment you successfully perceive these as simply a few options within the infinite buffet that is life, you’re there - you’re in the energy of Love, of source energy, of christ consciousness. And you’re in the state of being that will allow most fully, the changes you have been waiting for.

For those of you that have been on a path of self-discovery and consciously evolving for some time now, this wave represents the change in the foundation you have been working towards - the assist from collective consciousness that will make your path much quicker, easier, more tangible.

For those of you who’s chosen path is to assist individuals and in turn humanity as a whole to evolve, this wave will be the change in collective consciousness that you have been seeing coming for some time now. This wave will literally change the perceptions held by humanity and shift our planet further into more enlightened, more evolved understandings around what is healing and the plethora of options as to how to go about moving forward in ones individual life. More and more people will wake up to a new understanding of the diversity we live in. Less and less people will be seeking a hegemonic, same-for-everyone approach towards life. And more then ever before, people will be waking up to their own intuition and what feels best to them, for them, on their unique path through life.

This wave has been predicted by what we perceive as ancient cultures on this planet and the prediction is unfolding before our eyes. 

We live on a planet and within a solar system and galaxy that is cyclical in nature. This is not the first and it will not be the last time that our planet traverses through this particular wave of creative energies. Our planet and the creation that is humanity, has been through many different versions. We have been in the same cycle of creation for several thousands of years. This cycle has been coming to an end for some time now and we are entering back into a new time, a new foundation of creation. We are collectively choosing to return to a new enlightened era where the rules change and we wake up from our game and remember that we are the creator.

You are the creator of your reality and you created this game you call life. You created the rule set as to which you play the game and along with these rules of the playground, you veiled yourself from the larger understanding of what is. You veiled yourself so that you would play the game once fully emerged within it. For if you crack the code to this reality and begin to discover your true nature, you loose desire to remain in the game. Things become boring and old, and you yearn for more creative control over your environment. Sound like you? You’re waking up. You’re remembering more and more each day and you’re desires have shifted as a result. 

Choose to perceive this period of ramping up of intensity as the gentle push forward you’ve been asking for - the assist from the universe that catapults you forward. If you do this, if you choose to perceive positively, the changes coming and happening now, so will this be your reality. A reality where you are being guided towards what you desire, a reality where you live in a safe universe, a reality where everyone is on your side, a reality of cooperation rather than competition, a reality where there is nothing but love for you and the beauty you express as the infinitely powerful being that you truly are. 

You are consciousness with a pinpointed focus and awareness that you call you and your unique personality in this lifetime. You are all that is and you are God. Even if you don’t remember fully just yet, so is this Truth regardless of what you’re currently ready to accept. There is much Love for you to be had. Allow yourself to accept this and choose to be eager for what’s to come. 


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