The Energies of 2015 & Beyond

Chinese Abundance Frog

For the past several years I have had a metaphorical bow tied to my finger labeled 2015. What this bow has represented to me has changed over time because I have changed. We’ve all changed in the past three years. For some, these changes have been more obvious or drastic and for others more subtle. For those of us that are in-tune and aware of subtle energies, we know that 2012 was huge, specifically the energy waves that so dominantly made themselves known to us starting in the Fall of 2011. We know that 2012 was huge because we felt it, we knew deep within us that we were awakening to a new state of awareness, a new level of consciousness that we had never experienced before in this lifetime.

For many, myself included, the past three years have played out in stages that overall resemble traversing an upward spiral. As we move up the spiral towards more and more of what we consciously desire, we swing back around to areas we’ve visited before, and maybe stop to think “haven’t I already done this?”, and maybe wonder “why this again?”. This is normal. This is how you are evolving and when you swing back around on your spiral, know that you are revisiting areas from a higher level, a more advanced stage of your evolution.

This process of evolving in a spiral pattern is the most effective way for us to transition into the new paradigm. Human consciousness does not run on a liner line, completing one task at a time. A more useful metaphor is that of the defragmentation of a hard drive. If you’ve ever sat and watched a software graphic showing the process of defragmenting, you’ve seen the little blips on the screen jump around from one spot to another, moving around in what seems like no order at all. What these little blips represent however, is the moving of data into a more effective and consolidated, easier to access alignment onto the hard drive. You are in the midst of defragmenting your consciousness.

The energies coming through to us right now are not going to fundamentally change this spiral process. What they will do is make the process faster and easier for you, if you choose this option. If you correlate the energy waves of 2012 with your own waking up, 2015 is going to be the year that you truly start to utilize that which you have gained so much of over the past few years. 2015 is about acknowledging that you have made it, you’re here, you are in the New Paradigm. --If you find this hard to believe, I offer to you right now, the opportunity to see what you are giving your energy to and supporting.--

One of the first things that I learned through my channeling years ago, is that everything is a metaphor. Every bit of intuitive or psychic information that is obtained whether it be in the form of visions, words, feelings, or ideas and concepts, is a metaphor. This concept has shown up yet again, on my own spiral recently.

I find my life funny at times and it is funny to me how I learned this concept that everything is a metaphor so early on but yet forgot about it and pushed it to the side for a time. I forgot about it because otherwise I would not have been able to evolve in certain aspects of my life. I needed to forget about it so that I would dive into another world of experiencing through my clairvoyance that I had ignored for so long. It can be very easy to take information literally, especially when you’re seeing it in front of your face. Everything is a metaphor. Life is a metaphor. Every understanding is a metaphor, a steppingstone, to a larger reality that we do not yet understand or can...yet.

Because of my gifts that I have honored and nurtured within myself - the access and abilities that I have, I understand the larger picture of life more than some. I have understandings within me that I’ve never written about, and at rare times they come out of me during intimate settings with friends. I don’t usually share these understandings because it’s rare that I meet someone ready to hear it all. You see, there is this story I’ve had going on that says, that in order for someone to understand this, they must be at a certain level or already understand this or that other thing. This and so many other stories like it are stories created with old paradigm energies of scarcity and fear. To me, this article represents the beginning of my letting this knowledge out, letting this story go, and accepting how powerful we all are.

The old paradigm is all about living in and experiencing environments that encourage logical, linear and frankly, limited ways of being. Many have been conditioned to take a wait and see approach to life, an energy that says, prove it to me and then I’ll decide. You do it first, and then I might follow. Give to me a laid out path that has been proven effective, and then I’ll make up my mind. This is the old paradigm energies of scarcity and fear.

From the concept of time being a foundation to experience from, our planet, the solar system that Earth is within, is traversing through space, into areas of the galaxy and Universe that it has never been through in all of creation. This planet has indeed experienced enlightened stages throughout it’s history, mainly the history that has been lost to modern people, but nevertheless much of what we’re moving into is similar to the times of Lemuria, and less-so, Atlantis. This is why so many of you have had and continue to have visions or memories of your lifetimes in Lemuria and Atlantis. Because in a sense, we have completed a cycle, a full and complete circle back around to where we were at the close of the last enlightened era here on Earth.

We and our celestial co-creators have been speeding through space, getting closer and closer to these energies that we are now fully submerged in. These new-in-this-lifetime energies are different to us in many ways, we may not consciously understand yet, but our soul remembers like it was yesterday, because from a certain perspective, it was.

It is time for you to widen the connection between the you here now and the you in other lifetimes where you’re experiencing in these energies of enlightenment. Your experiences, your knowledge, and your self-empowerment during these other lifetimes are ready and waiting to assist you in this life, in this right here, right now. Choose right now to connect more fully and it will happen in whatever way is best for you.

In a sense, we are waking up from a dream, a dream where we live and experience through a vail of limitations and forgetfulness as to who we are and this dream is fun from a larger perspective of the vail being lifted. When you decided to come here, you knew who you were. You excitedly, cheerfully chose to jump into this reality, knowing full well that you would quickly forget who you are as a means to create in the shinny and interesting experiences called duality. It’s time to let go of your judgements. It’s time to set yourself free from what you perceive to be negative. It’s time to Love yourself fully.

The energy of Love is the most powerful force in this reality and when you learn to access this energy on your own, you truly reach a tipping point where once tipped, all it takes is a slight effort to create all you desire. For many, the word Love is covered in a layer of experiences from playing in duality. We think that Love is something that is external and given to us from an outside source. This is old paradigm energies effecting our understandings.

Love, like all emotions is an emotional marker for the vibration that we are emitting into our world. When you are vibrating at the speed of Love, the feelings of being intimately connected to yourself and those around you is precent within you. When we radiate Love outward, this magical thing happens where you want to hug everyone you see. Everything around you is shinny, beautiful, and wondrous.     

Love is the energy that created duality
and it is the only energy that can complete the cycle.

My recent story of Love & the best date of my life

Late one evening on the 20th of December, after holding a gathering at my home, two of my friends and I made a pact to Love ourself more than we ever had thus far in this lifetime. As with most energetic shifts, I noticed the shift immediately by way of yawning, a “tell” that I’ve given to myself which helps me a great deal. That night while attempting to fall asleep, I received a massive download of information and alternate perspectives towards many things that I’ve experienced in my life, and judged myself for. I saw the other side of the story, the side I wasn’t allowing myself to see because of my own judgment.

When we let go of our judgment toward ourself and what we’ve experienced, we open the door to feeling, being, and experiencing Love.

Fast forward to less than a week later and I found myself writing an article about how I’ve just experienced the best holiday season ever (link here). And then the next day, Saturday.. A day I will never forget and a day that was a gift of Love to myself.

I knew the moment I saw you in person as you got out of your car and walked up to me as I walked down the steps from my house. You shook my hand and greeted me with a bit of nervousness coming from both of us. You went to open the car door for me only to realize that it was locked. We joked about it as you walked back around to your door and unlocked the car. I knew when I sat in your car. I knew of our connection that we both felt. I felt at peace. I felt something I’ d never felt in this lifetime - I felt home.

We spent the day together getting to know each other yet again. We went to the museum where we talked about how things felt, art, and what it is. We had lunch together with delicious food and a friendly waitress that loved chatting with us. She felt our connection too and wanted to be around us.

We went to the locks where I explained to you how it all works. We walked on the beach at sunset talking about life, who we are, what it all means, you know, the kinda stuff that interests me. You listened to me with eagerness, wanting to hear more. I felt heard, appreciated, and Loved for who I am in this lifetime. You called them life’s little niceties when I thanked you over and over for opening every door that day, but to me, you had no idea how big of a deal it was for you to treat me with such honor, such respect, such Love.

And as we drove back to my house our eyes roll over to a shinny tea house we were passing by. Do you mind if we stop, you ask. Of course not, I replied, we just need to not be long so that you will be on time for your appointment. As we walk up to the door, we notice the sign saying reservations only. I start to think oh well, let’s go.. but you’re not done here and I can tell, so I pause. As you reach for your phone to call the number, the door opens and a couple who’s just finishing their time at the tea house walks by. Is this a good time, you say to the man who lives in the magical tea house. Come on in! I only do reservations but it looks like you’ve arrived at the perfect time! We step in to the tea house, feeling as if we are transporting into another world, we sit down with the man and begin introductions. You talked with the man about tea and how it’s subtitles are similar to that of wine. We both sat there in awe while the man poured boiling water over two clay frogs with coins in their mouths, sitting on the table in front of us. These are Chinese abundance frogs he tells us. How do they change color, we ask. I don’t know he says. It’s magic, I say! We finish our tea tasting and tour the house. You purchased the last frog he had for sell and some of the tea that we shared while there.

We hustled out the door for by this time it’s getting late for your engagement. The drive back to my home was silent. A comfortable silence that is usually only known to those who are intimately connected and at peace. My mind rushes as we approach my house. What should I say? Crap! The best date of my life and I have no idea what to say to him.. You pull the car over at my house. I get out and get my bag as you reach into the back seat to grab the gifts you just purchased at the tea house. You hand them to me, we embrace in a hug, you kiss me on the cheek and tell me you want to see me again. I say to you that today was a gift that I will never forget. I walk up to the house, enter the front door and turn to see you waving from the car.

I spent almost my entire twenties in a relationship and the past five being single. I’ve had my fair share of good and bad dates and looking back, I can see how the people we meet, specifically ones of the romantic variety, are mirrors to us for what is going on inside of us. Your view on the world, it’s status, your thoughts about these shifts out of the old and into the new paradigm, are all mirrors to you, metaphors of what’s going on inside.

We have entered into a new realm where everything is being intensified. The awesome part about this is that you have more conscious control over your life, it’s direction, and the ability to create the life that you desire, more than ever before. What do you choose to put your energy into and watch it multiply?

I expect 2015 to be the most exciting, most Loving year of my life thus far. Full of abundance in every aspect of my life. Abundance of Love, connections, money, clients, and everything that I want, because why not? We all create our lives and the difference now is that we’re in a space to fully realize this to be true.

Here are some tips for utilizing these new energies that we are now in to create the life that you desire.

Change is a constant. If you fear change, I offer you the opportunity to see the why’s and the self-empowerment that comes from understanding, to accept the changes coming into your life and to let go of the fear. It’s never as bad as you fear, for fear is the issue, not the change itself. Relax and remember to zoom out to the larger picture when necessary.

Some things take time and have a process, others not so much. Many of us have the gift of being able to move extremely fast when ready to shift. Follow your intuition, your heart, and know what is right for you. Do not judge yourself or others for the particular path you or they are on and have chosen.

This is the year to take risks. If you have a project or something that has been brewing within you for some time now, now is the time to take ahold of the harness and steer your life into your dreams that you have had for so long. If you have the courage to take the risks, you have the courage to succeed.

Put yourself out there and be vulnerable. Taking risks requires vulnerability but without allowing yourself the possibility to mess up or succeed for that matter, you get the same cycle of where you are.

Let go. Let go of your control freak nature. Let go of your perfectionist way of being. Let go of your rigidness and relax. Life is meant to be fun and when we judge things it becomes less fun. Sounds simple and really it is, but the process it takes to truly understand this statement is really where the golden egg is.

Step into the unknown and trust that all is well. You’re alive, right? You’ve made it this far, so obviously you are not done here. Life is what we make it and the life that you desire requires stepping into things that are new to you, into the unknown. Do not fear, you’re being guided and you know it. Ask for help when needed. You can do this!!


I am holding a gathering at my Dear friend Micki O’Brien’s home, this coming Sunday January 11th in West Seattle where I will be channeling to the audience on the topics I’ve covered in this article and more. Click here to learn more about the event and to purchase your ticket. I look forward to meeting and seeing many amazing people there. I hope you can make it! -Peter