You are Not a Victim to Your Genes

Wow!! Fireworks and explosions of gratitude and happiness.

While in meditation last night, I had a huge epiphany as to the larger picture of human life.

From birth and throughout the fist seven years or so of childhood, we are in a state of learning how to be human. We use this state of being as a means to take on the programming of “how to live in this world”. After this age, our state of being changes and we move into a role of playing out the programming.

This programming dictates our fundamental beliefs about living in this world, who we are, and what we believe life is. I’ve known for a long time now that science has discovered that our beliefs literally create our reality but I’ve felt “stuck” with this understanding because I’ve not truly understood how to change the programing, change the beliefs. What I mean is that I’ve understood that you can change your beliefs because I’ve been doing just that for several years now, but still these fundamental core beliefs of fear and scarcity were blocking me from seeing the larger picture.

Every stage we reach on our path of personal evolution is all in divine timing according to our own path that we, our soul set up, and this path makes us who we are. As of recent my path has been such that I have been releasing these fundamental blocks of fear and scarcity that I had been carrying with me my entire life - and thus the reason why I am now able to see all of this so clearly.

The “hows” come in many forms and which “how” is right for you, may be different than the “hows” of others. I have the skills of utilizing energy work to change my energy, the foundation of what makes us who we are. And I have been using my skills of energy work on myself to do just that, change my subconscious mind, change my beliefs, change my reality.

If you believe that you you live in an unsafe world, If you believe that scarcity is reality, if you believe that life is hard, if you believe that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, if you believe that money is hard to obtain, it’s because of the programming in your subconscious mind…. Of which you can in fact change.

After my meditation last night and after experiencing this profound realization, Bruce Lipton popped into my mind and I had yet another realization that, OMG, Bruce is a man who was trained as a scientist, works in the field of genetics, who discovered through scientific principles, that the subconscious mind is what really truly dictates what we believe to be true, how we respond to our life, and by virtue, what we create in our life. He discovered that our genes are not something that are set-in-stone, but they are like a sponge during the first seven years of our life, taking on from our surroundings, how to live, how to be, what life is, and how to be human. And you can in fact change your genes at any point in your life.

One of the biggest misconceptions of all time is that we are victims to our genes. This is so not the case and science has proven this to be such, decades ago. It just hasn’t been in the news, like many discoveries.

I have been consciously using energy work to manipulate the genes of myself and my clients for over two years now and it’s about time that I come out of the closet with this.

We are not victims to our genes, we just think we are because of the programing that we took on. Our genes are what creates our life more so than our conscious mind. Have you ever been lost in thought while driving and suddenly realized that you’ve gone five miles without even paying any attention to the road? Your subconscious mind is really what is driving the car and we trained our subconscious mind, usually at the age 16, how to drive.

Changing your programing, changing the subconscious mind, the part of our mind that is running our life 95% of the time, can be done through energy work and I am happy to say that I am on my way to mastering this ability of mine very quickly.

Everyone wants to know “How do I do this”. The best answer I can give to you through this writing, is to follow your intuition. Put it out there that you are ready and trust that you will be guided to your next best step that is right for you. And you can always work with me one-on-one should you choose.

Much Love to you!