Q&A: My Enthusiasm and Motivation Towards My Job has Vanished

Dear Peter,

First of all and like I have mentioned, I'm extremely happy for you and the path you have chosen or as I may say sometimes paths find us ...I'm a true believer of such gifts and as a matter of fact my husband has a very accurate intuition but I feel like you have totally and completely surrendered to such gift. Namaste.

I wanted to talk to you a bit because I feel stuck right now with work in what I'm doing with my life and the field I'm in. I feel like the enthusiasm has vanished and the motivation has disappeared. I need help! I'm seeking your advice please please help!!

Kindly, Sue.


Good Morning Sue,

We are all growing and changing all the time. Sometimes you can wake up one morning and realize that something that used to resonate with you, no longer does. We are not meant to be stagnant beings in this lifetime. We are meant to follow what we resonate with and allow the changes to come.

Most of us learn from society a certain path. That path goes something like this... you grow up as a child going to school, go to college, get a job, make a career out of it, and stay in it for the long haul working more and more towards being able to retire someday until finally you croak. This is the old model and what society has programed most of us with. It’s only one path and frankly, it’s very limited in what it offers.

You are no longer resonating with your job that you once did. This is okay. This is pretty normal for evolving, growing people. You were a different person back then when you started your current job, yes? Well that different version of Sue resonated with and was happy to take the job and it was the “right” fit for you with that past version of Sue. Well, are you the same person you were back then? Not so much. You’ve grown, you’ve changed, and you’ve evolved.

It’s time for you to start allowing new possibilities to show up in  your life. It is time for you to accept how much you have grown in the past several years. It’s time for you to accept that your path only gets better and better and better…it’s not supposed to stay stagnant, remember? (:

What to do now?
Start thinking about where you want to go from here. Very Important--Don’t limit yourself by what your brain thinks is possible. If you could have any job in the world, what would that be? What would it “feel” like to go to this job every morning? What would this job allow you to experience in your life that your current job doesn’t? What kind of boss would you have, if any? Would you work for yourself? Would you do something similar or something totally different?

Does this freak you out to think about these new possibilities? If any fear is coming up, know that it is just fear and only has control over you if you allow it. Let the fear come up and release. See it release in your minds eye as you "feel" it leave you.

It’s not time to quit your current job just yet. Continue to do your job well as you have become accustom to doing. You don’t want to “blow up” what you currently have in order to get to your next step. So in order to not do that… Make a list of everything you appreciate about your current job and focus on these things when you feel discouraged, out of sort, tired, annoyed, etc. with your job. Don’t just focus on the words but focus on the “feelings” behind the words. These feelings are the energy that create your life - no joke.

 In the simplest of terms, you are consciously deciding where to put your energy. —if you put energy into “this job sucks”, if you “push back” from your job, you could very well loose the job and then manifest another job just like it, or worse. This is because source energy, the universe, god, whatever you want to call it, doesn’t care about whether you are complaining about something or happy about something (source does not judge our choices), source’s job is to help you to manifest whatever you are focusing on, or putting your energy into.

This is why it is so important that you get clear on what you want, the feelings you want to experience with a job, and focus only on that. Our reality is based off of the Law of Attraction which basically says, what you focus on, what you put your energy into, is what you eventually create in your physical, tangible world…so long as you “allow” it to come forth.

This is why things like protesting war doesn’t really work. When you protest war, you are in essence putting your focus on war. Remember, source does not judge and does not care what you choose, and only sees what you’re putting your energy or focus onto. Source Loves you sooo much and it’s job is to help you to manifest things into your life. Source Loves you sooo much that it continues to help you, every moment of your existence, by supporting and assisting you to create what you focus on, whether that be Love and Peace, or War and Hatred.

Your goal here should be to move closer and closer towards complete neutrality around the subject of your current job, while at the same time getting clearer and clearer on what it is that you want. There is a huge difference between bitching and complaining about something versus simply saying, with calmness and clarity, thank you but no thanks, I choose something different. Many many many people get stuck in a cycle of recreating the same thing over and over and over again until one day they either croak or figure out that, oh my god, I need to stop supporting what I “don’t want” with my energy.

You’re ahead of the curve here, because you have the courage to ask for help with true openness towards the answer. I have complete and total faith in you and your abilities to create the life that you desire, whatever that might be! You Rock! You can do this!

I hope that this helps you with where you are right now. Let me know if there is anything else I can either clarify or help you with.

Much Love to you!