Channeled Information: Discernment & Trust of Your Inner Guidance

We all are born into this lifetime with intuitive abilities that connect our physical experiencing in this world to all that exists. We are always connected to this infinite source of everything. Whether you choose to call this God, Source Energy, The Universe, Consciousness, or something else, follow the paths of discovery and you eventually realize that everything leads back to the same source. It is this source that all creation comes from. We are this source.

What you have access to with your abilities changes over time. More specifically, the information that you are able to access, the perception of the information, and how you translate the energy/information either into understandings within yourself or words that come out of your mouth or that you write, are all dependent upon where you are currently with your individual evolution. In other words, everything that comes through your body, whether it’s information or pure energy, is all dependent upon your filter. And your filter is your worldview.

If you have a worldview that the Earth is flat, you will access information that validates this belief of yours that the world is flat. Whereas if you have a worldview that the Earth is one planet among a sea of planets spread throughout the entire cosmos, all inhabited with one form of life or another... well the information that you access with your abilities is going to be more advanced, more evolved than the person with the flat Earth worldview.

Where I’m going with this, my goal of this writing, is to help you to understand more about and to discern the information that is accessed through psychic tools, either by yourself or anyone else that you may be paying attention to.

Your worldview is something that you might not think about much. It’s just there. It’s there, probably has been for most of your life and it’s foundation most likely was built when you were a small child. Your worldview really is the giant purple elephant in the room, always with you, usually hidden from you, and can hold you back when you’re wanting to grow.

Ponder this for a moment. Do you remember way back when you were young, naive and innocent to the “hard realities of life”? If you dig deep enough, you will remember a time in your life when you felt that the world was an exciting and wondrous place to live.

For me, this was when I was about four years old. I remember running around the front yard with my superman cape (aka, my baby blanket) imagining myself to be flying over all that existed (my neighborhood). When I was this age, I had a very magical worldview, one where things like stress over money, relationships, politics, etc., did not exist to me. These things were not part of my view on life or the beliefs about life that I held.

With this being said, let us come back to the statement made a few paragraphs up; What you have access to with your abilities changes over time. What this means is that as you grow and evolve as an individual, you will be able to, or you will allow yourself to, understand more and more. This of course, is if you have a strong intention to grow and evolve. If you don’t, if you’re suborn and stuck in your ways of thinking, or you’re comfortable with your understandings of life, you will continue to validate the beliefs you hold and attract to you information and experiences that hold you where you are.

Channeled Information

Channeled information can in fact be piles of garbage and bull shit. It can lead you down a confusing path through a can of worms that really has no benefit to you in your life. It can even go so far as to suggest that you start or join a cult that can eventually lead towards your participation in a mass suicide such as what happened with the Heavens Gate Cult in 1997. Yes, the leader of this cult was channeling, but what was he channeling and what was his worldview? The answers to these questions offers to you an understanding of why things turned out the way they did for the people involved in the cult.

On the other hand, channeled information can aid and assist you in your daily life, offering to you encouragement, compassion, Love and understanding. What information you pay attention to, is entirely your choice as it should be. We all have free-will as part of this lifetime and you my friend, have choices to make in every moment. What you choose to pay attention to is in fact the most powerful tool you have available to you in this lifetime.

If you’re anything like the me from my past, chances are that there have been times in your life where you’ve been duped. You’ve given your power away to someone else because of what they’ve said and you’ve taken on beliefs that they’ve offered to you. You may actually still be holding onto a belief that your nose is ugly because some jerk told you that on the playground when you were seven years old. This is simply a part of the diversity of life and the plethora of experiences available to you.

We all come here wanting to experience many things. Sometimes we take on beliefs from others so that we can in a sense, try the belief on and see how it feels. The key is to eventually some day realize that you are not your beliefs. Your beliefs or your worldview, is simply the parameters that you are playing within and when you’re ready, you can change these parameters.

What I strive for in my life is to hold beliefs loosely, I see them as the rules or computer code setup behind the scenes of the game we call life. If I’m stuck up against a wall I can’t seem to get past, I start to look at the parameters I have set up inside myself and I seek out what exactly I can change in the computer code (my beliefs) that will enable me to jump higher so that I can get past the obstacle in the game (life).  

Channeling is something that is built into me in this lifetime. It is my dominate psychic ability and I never have to “try” to channel. It’s just there. It always has been and it always will be. Whether or not the information that is so easy for me to access is of any use to me....well that’s where discernment and boundaries with energy comes in.

Whether it is you yourself accessing the information with your own abilities, or if you’re listening to someone else and what they have to say, discernment is critical to not taking on the proverbial can of worms that really is of no use to you and only distracts from your personal evolution and growth. With this being said, be easy on yourself if you’ve taken beliefs on from someone else. Everything happens for a reason and maybe you wanted to experience these beliefs as part of your path that led or is leading you toward more awesomeness in your life.

As a master at channeling, I have come a long way with my abilities and I have learned how to discern as to whether or not what I am accessing is of any use or not. If the energy and information coming through feels Loving, compassionate, patient, understanding, gentle, and makes sense, I will usually listen to it. On the other hand, if the energy or information coming through feels fearful, is pushing you to do something through fear, is offering to you limiting beliefs, is telling you that something or someone is bad or wrong, this is when I will say no thanks, and tell that energy to get lost. It’s that easy! You’re in control and you do NOT need to go to the back of the bus in a sense, in order to channel. Any energy that suggests you go to the back of the bus so that it can come through, might not have your own best interest in mind.

Many people have a lot of fear around channeling. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately due to life presenting to me various experiences where I’ve realized this to be the case. I recently met a woman who is one of the leading teachers at a local psychic school here in Seattle. I was excited to meet her because of all the amazing and loving things I had heard about her. When I energetically read her, I would always get a Loving and warm feeling about her. You would think that meeting her would have been exciting. It wasn’t. She came up to me and introduced herself. We chatted for a moment and then she asked me what I do. The moment I started telling her that I was channeler everything changed. The amount of fear I felt coming from her could have emptied the room, which is in fact what happened. The friend I was with had to leave the room to ground herself because as she put it, “that was intense”.

Why are people so afraid of channeling?

I’ve been asking this to myself and to friends lately. One of my friends suggested to me that it is because many people have this perception that channeling is being possessed. Another friend offered that it is because people have a tendency to give their power away to channeled information or the channeler.

To get to the core of this topic I feel we must first define what channeling is. To understand my view on channeling and what I am accessing while channeling, you first must understand my own worldview, the parameters that dictate what I believe to be reality. Keep in mind that my worldview is fluid and is prone to changing and evolving because of my strong desire to grow and evolve in my life.

For me channeling is simply a tool to access the larger me. The me that is seamlessly connected to and is everything. This physical reality that we live in, the Earth, our solar system, the physical universe for that matter, is extremely large. This physical reality that we can see with our eyes, whether it be through the eye of a telescope or the eyes on our face, is but one reality, one dimension of existence. When I channel what I am accessing is not of this reality, not in this dimension. I am accessing information that is coming from a more evolved version of existence.

If you were able to pick up the phone and call the version of you that exists 200 years into the future from now and ask for some advice, would you? I sure would and this is another way to look at what I am doing when I channel.

From day one of being consciously aware of being a channeler, I have had an extremely strong intention that I only channel very high vibrational energies. What does this mean? Basically it means that I’m not interested in channeling less-evolved energies or energies that would like to do harm. I feel like I came into this world with a channeling template so-to-speak. My path has been such that I have never gone through any formal training with my abilities such as a psychic school and just about everything I know or understand is because of and comes through my abilities that I came here with. I’ve met people along the way that I’ve played and grown with and this has been huge to me, but this foundation of channeling has always been my backbone through my growth.

It has only been recently that I have become more aware of this channeling template that I came in with and I have a hunch that I came in this way, as a means to bypass the fear around channeling that is so present in our societies.

Channeling is what people do when they’re performing energy work. Energy workers, channel energy through their bodies as a means to hold space for someone to heal. Channeling is what is happening when you’re “in the zone” while playing sports. Channeling is what is happening while an artist is in the flow and the paint seems to magically glide onto the canvas.
Channeling is also what is happening when certain Christians “speak in tongs”.

In the simplest terms, channeling is a tool to access the larger you, the you beyond the physical. When you channel, you tap in, bring the energy closer and closer to you until a point of which you can utilize the energy and do something with it. This “doing something with it” could be anything as suggested above.

So why was the psychic school teacher facing fear while learning that I’m a channeler? Somewhere along her path she had taken on judgment and negative beliefs around channeling. This is obviously the case but there is one thing I left out. The school she teaches at does not allow and does not teach tools on the topic of channeling. From my neutral space of Love and compassion, I understand why it is this way (the people in charge at the school have fear towards channeling), but I also see it for what it is. Fear gets in our way if we let it. I’ve seen more fear get in the way of extremely powerful psychics and healers than probably anyone else I’ve ever met.


With so many ways of channeling and so many people out there offering channeled information, discernment is the tool you hold that will tell you if this is something to pay attention to, or maybe not so much. Discernment is the greatest tool you have available to you and is something that cannot be altered or changed by outside influence. I call this your inner knowing.

One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself is to learn to and get used to paying attention to that small soft voice or inner knowing deep inside you. You’ve always had this. Everyone is born with it and I’m not talking about morality, judgement, or fear. You have deep within you, an internal guidance system that tells you, should you listen, that this resonates with me or no this feels weird and does not resonate with me.

When you resonate with something, you feel deep within you that yes, this is good information for me, or oh yeah that makes sense to me, or oh this feels really good to me. Trust what you resonates with. This is the larger you, giving you hints to grow and evolve. On the other hand, if what you’re paying attention to feels weird, or you’re sensing fear coming from it, maybe you should take a step back and ponder before taking the information on as your truth.

When you learn to trust your inner guidance, when you learn to listen to yourself, you in essence take your power back from wherever you’ve placed it and you evolve.

Trust yourself and the unique perspective you have on life. You are not better or worse than anyone and you should not put anyone on a pedestal. Just because one person has an amazing ability to do a particular thing, doesn’t mean that you don’t have other abilities that are just as awesome, they’re just different.

So what was the worldview of these people involved in the Heavens Gate cult and why did it all happen the way it did? The people involved in the cult believed that the comet Hale-Bopp was a space ship and that this space ship was coming to “rescue” them. You need not go any further than the understandings of victim consciousness to understand that these people wanted to be saved. They wanted to be rescued from their fears and they wanted to give their power away to something they perceived as above them.

This is nothing new. In fact this is something that happens on a daily basis on this planet. Most people cannot fathom the idea that energies from realms beyond this physical one we reside in, are actually equal to us. They ARE equal to us and they are not above us. They’re just different and their type of experiencing is different than ours currently.

This was something that became very clear to me a few years ago when I was channeling various Archangels seeking guidance to grow. They basically told me to stop referring to them as my guides and to think of them more like my managers. They’re my managers that assist me when I request of them. This was a huge shift for me and to this day I think of angels and energies beyond this physical realm in a completely different way. Do you think that a malevolent and controlling energy would want to offer this advice to me...or do you think that it would want to keep me down and have me continue to put it on a pedestal and give my power away to it?


I hope this helps you on your path. Reading through this I now realize that I would have loved to have read this years ago... (-;

I’d love to hear your unique perspective on this topic or anything else.
Please leave your comments below should you feel so inspired.