Partner with Peter for Life-Changing, Transformational Growth

Peter has a talent for reminding people of who they really are. He dances with them on the leading edge, and he does this from the true essence of partnership — from a place of empowerment as opposed to power over, from a place of partnering with you as opposed to trying to fix you.

The days of the student-teacher, guru-follower dynamic are over and Peter recognizes this as truth — partnership has replaced these old models. There is a joy in this understanding that offers a change in perspective of what power really is.


Peter has moved beyond the dichotomy and helps others to do the same. He partners with and helps clients to engage in their lives from a mindset of play, enjoyment and fun.

“Peter has the greatness of love that is bigger than most, because he opened himself to it.” —Client

He has the ability to go to a depth and breadth, a multidimensionality of the topic at hand, while remaining grounded in his his truth that life is supposed to be fun.

Peter has the ability to joyfully and playfully engage, even with heavy serious material, to help each of us to be empowered and not get caught in egoic weightiness that sometimes happens in spiritual work.

“If you want to have fun while doing your work, check peter out.” —Client

As the ancient Mayan prophecies predicted, we are now moving out of the Age of the Mind and entering into the Age of Intuition. Peter has harnessed the great power of his intuitive abilities and sees part of his life purpose as helping others to do the same. 

We've all been walking around life living through subconscious habits created mainly in childhood, Peter helps you reprogram your life.

With events and partnership, through understandings and tools, Peter offers a road map to creating the life you choose.

Peter is incredibly talented at what he does. He will work with you and provide you tools to help make the changes you need to live your fullest potential.
— E.K. - Seattle WA
It would take an entire book to share the impact that a single session with Peter had on my life.
— C.G. - Seattle, WA

The Collective – What Peter Channels

Peter is a conscious channel for a group of high vibrational energies that refer to themselves as "The Collective" and reside within Unity Consciousness, beyond the dichotomy of what many spiritual teachings refer to as Duality. 

These energies serve a specific purpose to assist and guide their human friends into a new paradigm of evolution here on this planet. A new era of self-empowerment and understanding of the larger picture of reality and who we all are.  

The Collective is made up of several collectives of energies including many energies that are known to some as Archangels Metatron, Haniel, Michael, Zadkiel, Sandolphon, Ariel, Uriel, Azrael, The Pleadians, The Faerie Realm, and The Clarity & Knowings Group. 

If this is too out there for you, just know that at a higher understanding, archangels are simply collectives of collectives of energy, not humans with wings that float down from the clouds – the angel thing is a metaphor.

In other words, The Collective represents certain aspects of the larger consciousness that we're all a part of. The Collective is here to aid in the waking up of this planet and to be of service through these grand shifts happening now.

Limiting Beliefs Recording

Featured Writing by Peter

Brief Story of Peter's Journey to Realizing His Abilities, Purpose & Passions

Peter begin his spiritual journey in his late twenties when he discovered a book "radiating at him" titled Creative Visualization, in the basement of his apartment building in Washington DC. For the first time in his life, he got the idea that he could heal himself through focused conscious intent. He tried out some new tools he'd learned and the result was him letting go of a laundry list of ailments and disease labels he'd taken on over the course of his life.

His newly found self-empowerment lead to the beginnings of him trusting his intuition and moved across country to the Pacific Northwest. One inspired action lead to another and soon he found himself learning more and more about life through massive understandings that seemed to come out of the blue to him. 

In the Spring of 2012 he had a life changing moment of clarity minutes after meditating early one morning. While sitting in his car waiting for the garage door to open in the alley at work, his entire being was struck with profound pause while being told in a voice clear as day, "you are an energy healer". What felt like an eternity for Peter, was only a brief moment of time but it effected him so much that he was determined to know what this meant. 

Life brought to him various helpers and guides along the way. Things sped up when he started meeting other "psychics". The connecting of dots in his mind was in hyper drive at this point and he began to reprocess his entire life from his new fast-evolving perspectives. 

He begin his first meetup group where he would have people gather in his living room while he guided them through visual meditations. By fall of 2012 and after much feedback, he realized that his guided meditations were much more than he thought. In January of 2013 and after receiving a healing on his throat chakra from a friend, The Collective began fully coming through him speaking and interacting with groups of people about life and who we all are. This was yet again another huge shift for Peter and the beginning of his owning his abilities of Conscious Channeling on demand. 

Since then, Peter has channeled to groups in numerous homes, held teaching events at numerous metaphysical bookshops and has given public talks on topics such as, Tuning Into your Intuition and Being Yourself.

Peter's continues to this day focusing his energy and intent towards being of service to humanity during these rapid shifts out of what ancient cultures referred to as the Dark Ages and into a new age of enlightenment where all of us live life through our own unique and personal intuition and infinite empowerment. And for all to understand what it means when The Collective says that You are the Creator of Your Reality.