Through Integral (big picture) Understandings of how life works & tools to use in your daily life, Peter holds space for you to release what's in the way & Emerge Into Your Next Best Self


Are You Ready?

Are you ready to take your life to the next level of Conscious Creation? Are you ready for the information and guidance you've been seeking? Peter Offers direct guidance customized to where you are on your unique path through life. Peter comes from a place of non-judgment and Love for All. Through his practiced talents of channeling the higher realms of consciousness, Peter brings to you the power and breadth of what is possible through the integration of coaching, psychic channeling, and energy work.

Personal Phone Sessions Available!

Personal Sessions

Leap, Jump & Catapult forward into the life you desire through personal sessions with Peter. We start with a conversation where I I sync into your own energy, your own soul, collective consciousness, and larger-self. Customized information for where you are in the moment and what you need in order to get what it is that you desire starts to flow through me and we proceed easily and effortlessly talking through what is presented. We all go throughout our life, unconsciously picking limiting energies and beliefs up like lint rollers, this "lint" dissolves and vanishes through working with Peter and there's no need to "hash" anything out - simply allow yourself to shift while Peter guides you through the steps in your own consciousness, mind & soul. 

Each session is individualized to your needs in the moment. Catapult forward in your life through easy and empowering processes taught during session - take with you to use over and over again in your life. 

Services offered during sessions

  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Release of Subconscious Limiting Beliefs
  • Calming of the Chaos & Anxieties
  • Intuitive Conversations & Channeling
  • Practical Tools of Self-empowerment
  • Chakra Alignment & Balancing
  • Release of Energies that Create Physical Ailments
  • Release of Blind Spots & Hidden Energies Within You
  • Completion of Karmic Cycles Holding You Back
  • Completion of Soul Contracts
  • Release of Energetic Cords Affecting Your Life
  • Optimization of Family Field Energy to Support Your Life
  • Development of Your Own Intuitive Abilities
  • Energy Work & Vibrational Alignment
  • Past Life Work when Needed/Desired
  • Mediumship & Connecting w/ Loved Ones

1 Hour Session - $180

As we all know, moving forward with your growth is a process. While what Peter offers is profound and powerful, evolving is likened to an onion - there are many layers to who we are, and the "baggage" we've taken on over the course of the decades we've been alive.

For those who are serious about their evolution and ready to commit to their success in life...


Package Rates

Discounted rate available when purchasing three or more sessions in advance.  Must schedule online.

3 Session Package - $444 - You Save $96

6 Session Package - $888 - You Save $192

8 Session Package - $999 - You Save $441